Wolfenstein: Day-1 Patch, Destruction, and More

May 14, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Wolfenstein robot

We’re less than a week away from the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Like many games, there will be a patch for you to download on the first day. We aren’t entirely sure what it contains, but it’s quite sizeable for a patch. It comes in at 5 GB for the PS4 and 7.3 GB for the Xbox One.

The game itself requires approximately 47 GB for the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

So, what can we expect from the gameplay? Well, Creative Director Jens Matthies shed more light on the multiple gameplay styles in a recent interview with Examiner, where he said most situations will allow you to go into combat “stealthily, tactically or full on guns blazing mayhem style (or any combination of the three).”

He also mentioned in the same interview that you can dual wield weapons and destroy tons of stuff in the environment (though we suspect you can’t be destructive if you’re playing it the stealthy way).

And the story? Trailers have emphasized the dark atmosphere (this is an alternate timeline in which the Nazis won World War II, after all), and we know it has choices and alternate endings, but Matthies also discussed the game’s portrayal of the villains, saying they are “truly representative of Nazi ideology” and have “an air of authenticity.” A high claim, which some fans may disagree with, but it only makes us more excited for this game.

Are you planning to pick up Wolfenstein: The New Order next week?

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New Titanfall Patch: Private Match Beta, Changes, and Fixes

April 10, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


A new update came out for Titanfall today, and it brought bug fixes, slight changes, and a public beta test for a new feature.

You can now try out the Private Match mode with your friends, with 2-12 players (1-6 per team). The Private Match beta will not give you XP, count toward your challenges, or unlock achievements, although you’ll be able to see what you would have gotten if it had been a regular match. As this is still a beta, expect new changes and features to be implemented after it’s been tested for a while.

With the patch, your party members will now be color-coded green, and your Auto-Pilot will be color-coded gold. This is meant to help you distinguish them from other allies. Once you finish the two campaigns, “Play Multiplayer” will now be the first option on the menu. You will also be able to look in the menu to see what version of the game you have, in case you aren’t sure if you have the latest update or not.

You can also go to the menu and press the left trigger to access the Xbox One’s Party app.

Some additional changes have been made to balance the game more. The “Gooser” challenge now only requires you to kill 5 ejecting pilots, rather than 50. The magazine capacity of the 40mm weapon has been reduced. The normal magazine now holds 12 rounds, and the extended magazine holds 16. The magazine capacity of the Quad Rocket has been changed to 5 rounds in a normal magazine, and 6 in an extended magazine, and the capacity of its Rapid Fire magazine has been raised to 18. The Quad Rocket is also more effective against Titan shields now. Another item to receive an upgrade is the Amped Kraber Burn Card, which will deal significantly more damage to Titans than it did before.

The scoring system for Hardpoint Domination and Capture the Flag have also been adjusted.

Finally, the patch has fixed a lot of bugs across all systems.

To see the full details, take a look at the official patch notes, which also name a few changes coming in a future update.

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The Next Xbox One Update is Planned

March 5, 2014 by Cheats.co Staff - Leave a comment


The Xbox One’s March update just came out, and Microsoft is already working on the next one. According to Microsoft’s Marc Whitten, this future update will include support for external hard drives and improved friend notifications.

Microsoft plans to have regular updates for the Xbox One, to make sure it is always the best it can be.

It seems as though Microsoft is listening to fan feedback and adjusting the system accordingly, which is great to see. Are there any other improvements you would like to see made to the Xbox One?

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March Xbox One Update Arrives

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The promised March update has arrived for the Xbox One. Its major focus is on making sure the system’s multiplayer features are as smooth and efficient as they can be, with special efforts given to the party system and friends features. It also makes some audio adjustments, such as implementing support for Dolby Ditigal, and prepares the console for the arrival of Twitch streaming on March 11. It also supports 50Hz output now, and it has altered the voice-activated volume controls so you can more easily set the volume to your desired level.

If you keep your Xbox One in the “Instant On” state, where it will power up at a voice command from you, it will automatically download the update during off-peak hours when you next turn it off. Otherwise, you will have to choose to download it.

Check out the full list of changes.

Improved Multiplayer & Party chat:

  • Cross title party chat
  • Party chat on by default
  • Easier multiplayer invites
  • Easier multiplayer joining

Ability to see what the people in your party are doing:

  • Improved Friends List + Profile
  • Improved friends list utility & speed of access
  • Ability to see people you recently played games with
  • See when friends are broadcasting, including live broadcast thumbnails in activity feed
  • Get to a friend’s profile faster using type-ahead suggestions
  • Contextual app menu actions on friends list and activity feed items
  • Enabled more multiplayer (join and invite) actions on user profiles
  • 54 new contest-winning gamerpics

Twitch TV live streaming support:

  • Broadcast gameplay on Twitch.TV through Xbox LIVE (When the updated Twitch app ships next week.)
  • Voice support for starting and ending broadcast

Bringing out social in home:

  • See favorite friends currently online
  • See friends broadcasting gameplay

Miscellaneous shell improvements:

  • Improved notification center experiences including “quiet mode”
  • View Game Clips while in snap mode
  • Protect user settings with passkey

Browser improvements:

  • Control Bing and Google maps with gesture and controller
  • Quick search when highlighting a term on a page
  • When searching from Bing search on the console, direct link to Internet Explorer in order to see additional web results.

New Devices – Driver and Firmware updates:
Firmware update to the Xbox One controller to support the Xbox One stereo headset adapter
Support for 1st and 3rd party headsets
Driver updates for the Xbox One Media Remote

SmartGlass Improvements:

  • Push notification to your device for Xbox Live messages
  • Quickly see what a friend is doing including presence and recent
  • Enhanced viewing of personal and a friend’s game progress and clips
  • Ability to close snap from SmartGlass

Live TV:

  • 50Hz fix – users can set the Live TV app to display at 50Hz for full or fill modes
  • Volume up/down adjustments – user can tailor the number of volume increments when using “volume up” or “volume down” commands
  • IR blasting of power & volume to TVs/AVRs in all regions
  • AVR setup maps to include model number for most sound bars or AVRs when setting up TV

Improved Audio output support:

  • SPDIF (optical out) now supports 5.1 Dolby Digital – enabling devices such as sound bars with only Optical In to be able to receive 5.1 Dolby Digital from console over optical
  • HDMI output now supports stereo uncompressed, 5.1 uncompressed, 7.1 uncompressed or 5.1 Dolby Digital live or 5.1 DTS

You can check out these new features in an official video released by Microsoft (embedded above). Enjoy your new features, and let us know what you think!

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DICE Addresses Battlefield 4’s Netcode Issues

March 3, 2014 by Cheats.co Staff - Leave a comment


Battlefield 4 has suffered more than its share of problems. The most common are the “netcode issues,” which include glitches, latency compensation problems, and more. Today, DICE released an update explaining their steps to improve the situation.

They have already improved the latency compensation and fixed some of the rubber banding issues. They also fixed a glitch where the game’s kill card displayed an active opponent as having 0 health, collision mistakes where it was impossible to shoot past a broken object, PC bugs with vanishing crosshairs and hit markers, and inconsistent bullet impact sounds. They also have added an icon to notify players when they are killed by a headshot, to reduce confusion over whether one-hit kills are correct, or produced by glitches.

They are still working on the remaining rubber banding issue, glitches with the kill camera and other features being out of sync with the player’s death, a bug where weapons stop inflicting damage, a physics glitch in which sprinting could lead to sudden death, and several other issues. They are also considering increasing how often the game’s world is updated on certain servers.

Finally, they added two new icons to Battlefield 4 to make problems clearer. One is a clock icon that will appear on your screen when you are experiencing network lag. The other is an icon made up of four squares, which means your connection is losing information between you and the server. Both of these should help you understand what might be causing problems in your game session.

You can read DICE’s full post to learn all the details of their fixes and planned fixes. It’s sad that Battlefield 4 has had so many problems, and we hope they can straighten it out soon.

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Xbox One Update Details

February 26, 2014 by Cheats.co Staff - Leave a comment


A user on Reddit named da13thninja has posted that they tried the new Xbox One update, as a part of Microsoft’s new update beta program. While this is only a single post from a beta user, so we can’t confirm its contents, here is what the user reported.

First, you can use a USB connector to update your controller. This should be good, especially since previous controller updates have been a little tedious to perform. You can turn off the Kinect hand cursor while watching videos, and you can access Kinect tutorials through Settings. Attempting to snap Skype, while still impossible, will now tell you that you cannot do it.

The Notifications settings have been updated to include an option called “Show all other notifications,” while the Optical and HDMI settings allow you to choose between DTA Digital Surround and Dolby Digital for “Bitstream Out.”

Microsoft’s announcement for the update made a big point of showing how social features would improve, and da13thninja confirms all of those features, including a favorites list and a list of users you recently played games with. Apparently the “Xbox, broadcast” command will open Twitch, too, even though you cannot broadcast yet.

In general, the update has made the Xbox One interface faster and more efficient. It sounds like a great update all around, and while users might have signed a non-disclosure agreement when they entered the beta, we still would like to thank da13thninja for this report.

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March Xbox One Update: Social Features and Twitch Support

February 25, 2014 by Cheats.co Staff - Leave a comment


If you’re an Xbox One owner, you’ve got a lot to look forward to in March. First of all, there’s Titanfall, which we learn more details about every day, and Microsoft is releasing a major update before the game launches.

The update will work out some difficulties with the friend system and bring back popular Xbox 360 features, such as the ability to see people you’ve played games with recently, quickly invite your friends to join you in multiplayer games, and use party chat by default when you create a party. Fans have been asking for these changes, so we’re pleased to report that they’re not far off.

It will also be easier to use the interface, with a clear distinction between players in the same game and chats across games, as well as a message shortcut menu, a quicker way to access friends’ statuses, and the ability to mark certain friends as favorites.

Finally, another feature fans have been anxious for will also come with this update—Twitch integration. Fans have wanted to broadcast their gameplay to Twitch.tv for a while now, especially since broadcasting was supposed to be one of the key features of the Xbox One, but it was delayed until now. Twitch is a highly popular service, with 45 million people visiting the site each month.

Using Twitch on the Xbox One is planned to be more advanced than it is on the PS4, and has been described as “complete integration” by Twitch CEO Emmett Shear. We don’t have all the details, but Microsoft has said you’ll be able to archive your streams right from your Xbox One, and watch streams from all sources, both of which you can’t do from your PS4. Basically, this is going to be a full Twitch experience.

Well, things are looking good for the Xbox One, and we’re pretty sure it isn’t a coincidence that the update for the Twitch app formally launches on March 11, the same date as Titanfall. This entire update is intended to polish things up for the highly-anticipated multiplayer game, and you can bet Twitch will be overloaded with Titanfall broadcasts as soon as possible. If you have an Xbox One, are you going to use Twitch? If you don’t have one, does this make you more inclined to get one? Check out the official videos for the new interface and Twitch integration, and let us know.

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Lucky Xbox One Users Can Preview the Next Update

February 20, 2014 by Cheats.co Staff - Leave a comment


Last week, we told you about some of the new features and changes Microsoft plans to implement on the Xbox One. Now, you can become a part of the process.

Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb announced today that Microsoft is going to turn to the community for help ensuring the Xbox One experience is the best that it can be. Certain members will receive an invitation on Xbox Live with a code they can use to register for the ability to test out upcoming Xbox One features and provide Microsoft with feedback. In addition to accessing the new features and updates, participants will communicate with Microsoft on a private forum, to share their thoughts and ideas.

He didn’t give any details on how members will be chosen, so we assume it’s by chance. If you’re one of the lucky chosen users, and you change your mind after you try it, you can opt out.

This sounds like a great idea for Microsoft, sort of a beta test for the Xbox One. It’s always nice when fans can preview features before they are released to the public. Are you hoping to be chosen? Some players claim to have already received their invitations, so check Xbox Live and see if you have one!

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Gets a New Update

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PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts received an update today. A lot of the fixes and changes were the same across all consoles, although there were a few that were more specific.

According to the patch notes, the following issues were addressed for all versions of the game:

New Features

  • Added leaderboards for Gun Game.
  • Added functionality to view the clans of remote players.
  • Allowing soldiers to invite to clan in Call of Duty App.
  • Added extra loadout slot support for Call of Duty App.
  • Added link to the store from customization submenus.
  • Added diamond clan icons to clan details page.


  • Fixed lag that could occur when host rapidly changed classes.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when player is killed while controlling a vehicle killstreak.
  • Performance improvements for modes using bots.
  • Fixed loss of controller issue that occurred when second controller signed in after a non-signed in first controller tried accessing the store.
  • Host migration optimizations.
  • Fixed lost connection issue that could occur when lobby breaks after accepting the game invite.
  • Fixed reactive motion jitter issues with local split-screen players.


  • Overall anti-cheat improvements.

Weapon/Perk Balance

  • Patched 3rd person throw animations for explosives when using the Riotshield. This change moves the shield to the side exposing the thrower to attack.


  • Removes delay for lobby member broadcaster icon when enabling/disabling it.
  • Fixed a bug where MLG spectators couldn’t see enemies shooting on the minimap.
  • Fix null string translation bug found when playing eSports rules coming out of spectate.
  • Fixed cycle players button not functioning when the mini-map is displayed.
  • Fixed issue that caused the eSports rule set header to carry over onto the system link menu.

Additional Fixes

  • Killstreak count is correctly maintained across rounds in SD/SR/Blitz.
  • Fixed some spawn issues specific to Stormfront.
  • Fixed broken operations (must play one ranked game to fix data).
  • Rebalanced spawns on Ignition.
  • Improved spawns on Whiteout.
  • Fixed issue where players can make the bomb disappear by planting on top of their IMS/SatCom, then destroying the placeable.
  • Fixed the progress bar improperly displaying “contested” if 2 players entered the flag’s capture radius, then one player left or was killed.
  • Fixed rapid fire popping animations that would occur when deploying an IMS or Sentry then immediately pressing up on the d-pad.
  • Fix Infected bug where PDW was not shown initially when spawning in.
  • Fixed text overlap when highlighting clan vs clan playlist.
  • Fixed sign-in issues that would occur when accessing the store with different controllers.
  • Fixed error with Clan Roster menu.


  • Fixed issue where some camo’s were not applied correctly in game.
  • “Escapes” leaderboard is now displayed in the correct order.
  • We now track Armory level completions as “Escapes” on the Escapes leaderboard.
  • Undiscovered Truths achievement now unlocks properly.
  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes switch back to their pistol after reviving players.
  • Removed an audio buzz that played prior to an intel clip starting.
  • Fixed issue where aliens would disappear during the final Breeder fight.
  • Fixed case where the locker key that had been collected did not show up in the HUD.
  • Fixed Breeder sometimes not attacking players.
  • Updated the egg throwing logic for the Breeder to improve engagement.
  • Updated the final battle logic with the Breeder for when it is injured.

Fixed some challenges:

  • Turned off Phantom in the air challenge.
  • Changed where the “kill Seekers before they explode” challenge appears.
  • Fixed issue where challenge ring would not appear for “Stay in circle” challenge.
  • Marked aliens” challenge no longer marks “pets” as targets.
  • Reordered challenges so there will be enough challenges using the pistols only Relic in solo in Nightfall.
  • Fixed issue where intel collected would read “0 out of 13” instead of “1 out of 13”.
  • Made improvements to how intel is tracked globally across maps.
  • Fixed issue where splash message would sometimes not appear when scavenging.
  • Solo play balancing fixes in Nightfall first Breeder battle.
  • Fixed an issue where outro movie would hang if other players readied up while the move was playing.
  • Fixed some map exploits in Nightfall.
  • Fixed an exploit with the deployable money feature.
  • Fixed issue with voice location callouts playing during the Breeder fights.
  • Fixed issue with voice over playing when players are in last stand or when a player has died.
  • Added Relic bonus to the post game score screen.
  • Improved the reliability of triggering the Nightfall Easter Egg.

The PS3 version had an additional fix for a rare glitch that crashed the game when the player tried to enter the lobby for a private match.

A few additional issues were addressed for the PS4 version:

  • Fixed issue where the clan tab wouldn’t show clan after logging out of active profile and logging into a different one.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur if a user enters into a private match lobby.
  • Fixed a bug where MLG spectators would have no HUD on next-gen when playing system link with many players/bots in the game.
  • Fixed Infected UI issue where players can make it appear as though they have strike packages available.

Finally, the Xbox One version saw some specific changes to improve its multiplayer party functions:

  • Fix for muted user icon incorrectly displaying.
  • Fixed Party Chat to be disabled properly in S&D, S&R, Infected.
  • Fixed Infected UI issue where players can make it appear as though they have strike packages available.

It’s good to see updates that target problems across the board as well as more specific issues. These changes should please fans and improve the overall experience.

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February Xbox One Update Now Available

February 14, 2014 by Cheats.co Staff - Leave a comment


According to a new blog post by Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, the February update for the Xbox One is now available.

This is the update we told you about previously, which will give you an on-screen battery indicator for your controller (and if you press the Xbox button, you can see the indicator in the lower right-hand corner of the screen), enable the use of USB keyboards with the Xbox One, and update storage management. You’ll be able to see how much of your storage space is in use, control your installation and download queues, and work with separate lists for games and apps.

If you keep your Xbox One in the low-power state that allows you to turn it on when you say, “Xbox On,” it will find the update and download it when you turn it off. Other players will have to download it as usual.

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