Pachter Predicts Success for PS4, Failure for Morpheus

In the past, we’ve brought you several of analyst Michael Pachter’s predictions, not all of which we agreed with. Well, here’s what he’s had to say about Sony’s recent gaming endeavors, when asked by DualShockers. While he doesn’t know enough about Sony to speak for the company’s success overall, he sees a bright future for … Read more

Michael Pachter Predicts Titanfall 2 for PS4

We’ve previously brought you a few predictions from financial analyst Michael Pachter, and his latest thoughts on the gaming industry relate to Titanfall. If a Titanfall sequel is made, he doesn’t think it will be exclusive to Xbox platforms and the PC. In fact, he believes “this might be the last exclusive you see for … Read more

Pachter Dismisses PlayStation Now as a “Joke”

Yesterday, we learned that industry analyst Michael Pachter feels GTA V would not be successful on next-gen consoles. Today, we learned that he doesn’t hold out high hopes for PlayStation Now, which will allow players to stream games to their Sony consoles, tablets, Bravia TVs, and more. He didn’t exactly mince his words, either. When … Read more

PS4 to dominate console war through 2016

Michael Pachter, a financial analyst for the video games industry who we’ve written about many, many times in the past has some new predictions and recently revealed his thoughts on the next generation of consoles through to the year 2016. Pachter recently sent the email you can see quoted below to various investors and other … Read more

Pachter: PS4 will win, Xbox One second, Wii U “is toast”

Speaking at the London Games Conference, well-known video games weatherman analyst Michael Pachter has said he expects the Playstation 4 to win this generation’s console war and that the Wii U “is toast”. Pachter thinks Sony will sell between 100 and 120 million PS4 units during its lifecycle and that Microsoft will sell between 90 … Read more