These New Videos Show Destiny’s Modes, Weapons, and More

Every day, we learn a little bit more about Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny. Today, we have videos to share with you from two different sources. The first comes from MoreConsole and is a compilation of details about the various game modes in Destiny (and it has Bungie’s stamp of approval). So in addition to […]

New Modes Coming to Titanfall for Free

A few days ago, Respawn’s Vince Zampella tweeted a message saying that new game modes would eventually come to Titanfall. This caused both excitement and consternation among fans. Excitement because, well, new Titanfall modes! Some players were concerned, though, that the new modes would be a part of paid DLC, which would result in only […]

Watch Dogs: Mini-Games, Online Mode, and More

We’ve got some new details about Watch Dogs for you, this time from a German publication called Their exclusive preview revealed some interesting things about Ubisoft’s upcoming open world game. In addition to the general gameplay they discovered as they played their way through the first story mission, they also shed some light on […]

Titanfall Maps, Modes, Weapons, and Perks

Fans are clamoring for more information about Titanfall, especially with the beta active and open to the public, and we should never underestimate the ability of eager fans to uncover new details. NeoGAF user RazorUK dug into the data files for the PC version and posted 15 map names, abbreviations for the mode names, and […]