Xbox One launch date is 22 November

Microsoft recently began full production of the Xbox One console and today they’ve announced it will be available in thirteen initial launch markets from November 22 2013. Those initial markets are Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and USA, with more to follow in 2014. You’ll probably recall … Read more

Earn rewards and XP with Xbox Community Level

It seems to be all about gamification, levels and gaining XP these days with Microsoft announcing a new Xbox Live program called Xbox Community Level (XCL). It’s meant to track positive contributions you make to the Xbox community and hand out rewards in return. Initially, the XCL program will be opened up through two existing … Read more

Microsoft “looking into” bundling headset with Xbox One console

Like we covered a couple of days ago, the Xbox One headset is now available to pre-order along with additional Xbox One controllers. Why might you need to pre-order a headset in the first place you ask? Because it doesn’t come with the console package – something that a lot of Xbox fans have not … Read more

Xbox One controller and headset available to pre-order

Xbox One controllers and wired headsets are now available to pre-order from the Microsoft Store and also Amazon. Interestingly, the release date for the controller on Amazon is November 27 (this part in particular discussed further below). Check everything out (and order if you really want) at the Microsoft Store. The Xbox One wireless controller … Read more

Microsoft reverses DRM and internet policies for Xbox One

Microsoft has reversed it’s DRM policies for the PS4’s direct competitor, the Xbox One. Today it announced disc-based games will now be tradable without restriction (just like today with the Xbox 360) and that an internet connection will not be required to play offline games (with no corresponding requirement to “check-in” every 24 hours). Wow. Good … Read more

FAQ: X1 internet check-ins, Kinect privacy & game licensing

Via the official Xbox Wire, Microsoft has finally come out and told us more or less exactly how game licensing, connectivity requirements, and Kinect privacy will work on the Xbox One (X1). Here’s what you need to know: Game Licensing Buy any game via digital (Xbox Live) or disc on the day of release. No disc required … Read more