Will Microsoft’s TV Shows Attract Customers to Xbox One?

We knew Microsoft was working on a Halo show, but it looks like they have much bigger television goals in mind. Nancy Tellem is now in charge of the Xbox television studio, which has announced an eight-episode science fiction drama series called Humans. In addition to Humans and Steven Spielberg’s Halo series, Microsoft also has … Read more

DirectX 12 for Microsoft Platforms

Today, Microsoft announced DirectX 12, a new API that will work on all of Microsoft’s platforms, including the Xbox One. Game performance will be improved as a result, with new rendering features among other enhancements. It also cuts CPU utilization by half. This should definitely boost the Xbox One’s capabilities. Combine that with the promise … Read more

Microsoft Remains Committed to the Xbox Brand

There have been some rumors going around that Microsoft has plans to drop the Xbox brand, along with some of its other brands, especially with Stephen Elop taking charge of Xbox. At SXSW however, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer officially refuted those claims. According to Spencer, both CEO Satya Nadella and Stephen Elop are “extremely committed to … Read more

Microsoft Introduces Its Own Siri—Cortana

When Windows Phone users get the upcoming 8.1 update, the Bing search feature will be replaced by a personal digital assistant similar to Apple’s Siri. Its name? Cortana. Although this feature is named after the AI from the Halo series, Cortana doesn’t share her appearance, but instead appears as a circle, with speaking/thinking animations. On … Read more

Aaron Greenberg Denies Rumors Xbox Being Sold to Amazon

We’ve heard some strange rumors lately, including a theory that Microsoft plans to sell its entire Xbox division to Amazon. Amazon recently bought Double Helix Games, so the thought of them entering the gaming industry makes sense, but this would still be an unexpected move. @ManfrediMiconi @XboxP3 Ridiculous, cannot believe people would even believe something … Read more

Microsoft Denies Some Rumors, Teases Others

Last week, we told you about the anonymous user who posted a ton of rumors about the Xbox One. These supposed leaks caused a flurry of speculation and excitement, particularly when we got word that Microsoft was pursuing legal action against the person responsible. Now, at last, we’ve gotten their official word on the rumors…sort … Read more

Microsoft Seeks Legal Action Against Person Behind Rumors

Yesterday we brought you the story about the NeoGAF user who revealed a series of rumors about the Xbox One. These rumors included a possibly-cancelled Titanfall bundle, a white Xbox One, an Xbox One model without a disc drive, release dates for several games, and more. Well, according to Kotaku, Microsoft intends to take legal … Read more