Lots of Leaked Watch Dogs Footage

May 17, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Watch Dogs leaked screenshot

Watch Dogs won’t be out until May 27, but it seems as though someone managed to get a PS4 copy of the game already (we haven’t seen any leaks from the Xbox One or other versions yet). Therefore, we’ve gotten to see a plethora of leaked images and gameplay footage. If you want everything to be fresh and new for you when you play the game yourself, you should probably stop reading now. If you’d like to take a look at Watch Dogs, however, read on.

The first gameplay videos can be downloaded for slightly better quality.

The next is an off-screen recording of a Twitch stream, so it won’t give you the best impression of the way the game looks. But at least you can check out some new gameplay elements not seen in the previous video.

The user responsible for the stream posted some additional comments, a high-quality GIF, and a screenshot on the Watch Dogs Forum, as well. He later shared additional animated images.

Watch Dogs gif 3

Watch Dogs gif 5

Watch Dogs gif 2

Other screenshots include a couple shots of the map–beware of potential spoilers if you take a closer look.

Watch Dogs map 1

Watch Dogs map 2

The same source who did the stream of Watch Dogs released two more videos. The second begins the same as the above video, but after four minutes turns over to all new footage.

It doesn’t seem as though serious steps are being taken to remove the leaked footage, so enjoy. Once you’ve finished watching, let us know what you think. Is a Watch Dogs purchase in your future?

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Leaked Lords of the Fallen Footage Shows Boss Battle

May 11, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Lords of the Fallen screenshot 5

It’s been a while since we saw the Challenge trailer for the upcoming Lords of the Fallen, and while we don’t have a new trailer to reveal, we have something that might be even better: leaked gameplay footage from this weekend, when the developers showed it off live.

We regret not being able to translate this for you, but other fans have said the developer is explaining the fight mechanics, such as being able to stun the boss.

The official website has also been updated with new information, including the fact that there will be at least 15 bosses in the game. (Despite the Dark Souls vibe we got from the above footage and other reveals, Lords of the Fallen is a linear game.) Be sure to check out the site to learn about the different gameplay mechanics and story elements that have been revealed so far.

This is one game we hope to see at E3.

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Weapons & Assignments for Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC

March 4, 2014 by Cheats.co Staff - Leave a comment


Although the Naval Strike DLC won’t be out for a while yet (March 18 for Premium players and April 1 for everyone else), today’s PS4 update revealed the weapons and assignments it will contain.

There are five new guns:

  • Assault: AR160 (5.56×45, 30 rounds, 700 RPM)
  • Engineer: SR-2 (9x21mm, 30 rounds, 900 RPM)
  • Support: AWS (5.56×45, 100 rounds, 800 RPM)
  • Recon: SR338 (.338, 10 rounds, semi-automatic)
  • All-Kit: SW40 (.357, 6 rounds, revolver)

There are two new gadgets:

  • M320 3GL (Assault), which fires three 40mm grenades, and the AA Mine (Engineer), an Anti-Air Mine triggered by flying vehicles with its detection radius.

If you want any of these items, you’ll have to complete new assignments to get them. The seven new assignments are:
Spare time Sniper, to get the AR160

  • Assault Rifle ribbon x3
  • Get 20 headshots with Assault Rifles

Packing a Punch, to get the SR-2

  • Destroy 20 boats

Swiss Cheese, to get the AWS

  • LMG ribbon x3
  • Destroy 3 vehicles as Support

Always Deadly, to get the SR338

  • Sniper Rifle ribbon x3
  • Get 5 kills with C4 on NS maps

Curve Ball, to get the SW40

  • Get 10 kills with an Impact Grenade

Multi Tool, to get the M320 3GL

  • Get 10 kills with UGL Darts
  • Get 10 kills with UGL LVG

Death from Below, to get the AA Mine

  • PDW ribbon x3
  • Destroy 5 attack air vehicles with Rocket Launchers

Finally, there are four new knives, Dive, Tactical, BJ-2, and Precision, all of which have their own properties and allow you to steal opponents’ dogtags.

You can check out some screenshots of the new weapons and also watch a brief video showing off the assignments, although it is in German.

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