Sony Shares Screenshots of Unreleased Games

Ginza, Tokyo is currently housing the Try! Playstation 4 event, but even though we aren’t there, we still can learn about new PS4 games. Sony is using the consoles’ “Share” feature to tweet screenshots from a variety of games, including some that haven’t been released here yet. So far, they’ve shared PS4 screenshots of Strider, … Read more

PS Now Beta Games

Over the past few days, lucky PS3 players have been receiving voucher codes to access the beta for Sony’s streaming service, PlayStation Now. We’ve now learned which games are available for beta testers to try. The first party games are Killzone 3, Puppeteer, and Shadow of the Colossus while the third party games are Papo … Read more

Canadian EB Games Raises Price of Upcoming Games

The standard price for new Xbox One and PS4 games has been $59.99 for a while, but EB Games in Canada has now listed upcoming next-generation games for $64.99, raising the price by $5. That isn’t a huge increase, but it’s still surprising. No reason has been given for the change, although some fans wonder … Read more

Amazon Cyber Monday deals include Xbox One & PS4 offerings

Amazon’s deals for Cyber Monday will include at least some Xbox One and Playstation 4 items in addition to dozens of current-generation (Xbox 360 and PS3) games, accessories and console offerings. Make sure you check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday video game deal hub here and take a look at what’s currently on offer. Note that … Read more

PS4 game launch lineup for Europe, Australia and NZ

Tomorrow (November 29) the Playstation 4 will finally launch in Europe and Australasia (check the full list of countries below) and Sony has seen fit to post exactly what games are going to be available in those countries at launch. If you want to know what the free games are, it’s DC Universe Online,Warframe and … Read more

Xbox One launch titles receive early ratings from app users

Microsoft has released its SmartGlass app for Windows phones and many gamers who (somehow) managed to get their hands on a Xbox One console early are using it to post early ratings of games like Assassin’s Creed IV, Forza 5 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Of course once the review embargos are lifted on the … Read more

First Xbox One game reviews published

The first reviews for two Xbox One games are in and the results are, we’ll be honest, mixed. Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct have now had reviews published by several website publications with Read Rising 3 receiving an average Metacritic review score of 78 and Killer Instinct coming in with an average score of … Read more