How to save PS4 gameplay recordings to your PC

December 1, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


At the moment there is no simple way to save your PS4 gameplay recordings as a simple video file on your PC which you can then either store and watch yourself, or upload to YouTube or some other video sharing service. There is a way to do it though, it just involves a little bit of fiddling around the the Facebook share function. Here’s how.

  1. First off you need to sync up your Facebook account with your PS4. When it comes to privacy options however, make sure that you choose “Only Me” for all PS4 Facebook posts. This will ensure that only you can see the posts/clips that get uploaded to FB.
  2. Make a recording of what you want (as normal) and upload it to Facebook. Remember to edit the footage if you don’t want the entire 15 minute video sent to Facebook (this will slow things down a lot otherwise).
  3. Now you can jump on your PC and login to Facebook. The video you just uploaded should be there on your timeline (with only you being able to see it).
  4. Start a new brower session (keeping Facebook open) and head over here to FBDown. FBDown is a service that lets you download videos from Facebook and save them as a file on your PC. It even works for “private” videos like the ones you will make following this guide. Essentially you just need to copy and paste the source code of the video page into the box on FBDown.
  5. Make sure you select “Download Video in High Quality” and you should be taken to a page where the video is embedded. Now you can just click on it and select “Save video as…”. This will let you download the vid to your PC in 720p quality.
  6. From there you can do with it what you want!
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Sony takes a shot at Microsoft over Ghosts resolution

November 1, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment

By now you would have heard the goss that Call of Duty Ghosts will run at 1080p on the Playstation 4 and 720p on the Xbox One (but upscaled to 1080p). It’s great news for Sony and Sony fanboys alike. So much so that the team at Sony Germany decided to post the image below to their official Twitter and Facebook pages…


Apparently it must have created quite a stir because both of the posts have since been removed. Luckily Twitter user AlexAllenLuu managed to grab the image below from Twitter before it was removed there. Surely the Sony people realize that once you post it on the net, it’s there for good!?


Anyway, what do you think of Sony’s not so subtle shot at Microsoft?

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