The Elder Scrolls Online PS4/X1 Version Delayed

May 8, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


If you’ve been looking forward to playing The Elder Scrolls Online on your PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll have to wait a little longer than we expected.

The Elder Scrolls Online released on April 4 for PC and Mac, and it was expected to hit consoles in June. However, Bethesda confirmed to Joystiq the rumors of its delay. It will take “about six months” before the console versions are ready.

This is disappointing news, but we’d rather see a game delayed than rushed out before it’s ready. With a 6-month delay, we can anticipate The Elder Scrolls Online to reach consoles around December. The good news is that if you get the game on PC or Mac before the end of June, you can get a digital copy for PS4/Xbox One for only $20, along with 30 extra days for that digital copy.

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Elder Scrolls Online: PS Plus Isn’t Required, Xbox Live Gold Is

January 28, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


With the advent of the PlayStation 4 Sony announced that players would need a PS Plus membership in order to play online multiplayer games. Xbox 360 players had always needed an Xbox Live Gold subscription for online multiplayer, but the PS3’s multiplayer had previously been free. In the new generation of console gaming, both companies have placed online multiplayer behind their paid membership service.

However despite this, PS4 players will still be able to play The Elder Scrolls Online without paying for PS Plus. The Elder Scrolls Online is an upcoming MMO addition to the popular Elder Scrolls franchise, and it will require its own monthly subscription of $15. The PlayStation Blog confirmed that PS4 players will not need to have Plus for this game.

Xbox One players, on the other hand, will need to be members of Xbox Live Gold in addition to paying for the Elder Scrolls Online subscription.

Many PS4 players already have PS Plus memberships, but for those who don’t, this is welcome news. While this news has reinvigorated some arguments between Xbox and PlayStation fans, a great number of Elder Scrolls fans are more concerned about the subscription for the game itself.

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The Elder Scrolls Online to cost $14.99 each month

January 13, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


If you plan on getting The Elder Scrolls Online then we hope you’ve been saving. Aside from the up-front cost of the game which is $59.99 for each platform, there’ll also be an ongoing monthly subscription fee of $14.99 per month. Pretty pricey…

ESO will drop for gamers on Windows PC and Apple Mac on April 4 this year, while us console users will need to wait until June some time (an exact date is not yet known). There is also an ongoing beta to which a fresh batch of invites were just recently sent out. If you haven’t received one yet though don’t stress, Bethesda has said that more emails confirming access to the beta will be sent out as we progress through the year.

With that price we sincerely hope that visiting Tamriel is going to be worth it.

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The Elder Scrolls Online arriving on PS4 and Xbox One June 2014

December 12, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


Bethesda has announced that The Elder Scrolls Online will be arriving on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 in June next year, with the game debuting first on the PC and Mac on April 4.

The launch will be worldwide and should be one of the biggest gaming events of the year. The Elder Scrolls Online is obviously part of the infamous Elder Scrolls series of games and represents the first proper multiplayer version. We’re not talking your simple multiplayer though – it’s going to be a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game (MMORPG) set on the fictitious continent of Tamriel.

ESO is set 1,000 years before the events that took place in the lastest Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim and about 800 years before the events in Morrowind and Oblivion. Players will be able to choose between three different factions, each of which is currently at war for the right to rule Tamriel.

Aldmeri Dominion (eagle)

  1. Altmer (High elf)
  2. Bosmer (Wood elf)
  3. Khajiit

Daggerfall Covenant (lion)

  1. Bretons
  2. Redguards
  3. Orsimer (Orcs)

Ebonheart Pact (dragon)

  1. Nords
  2. Dunmer (Dark elf)
  3. Argonians.

We’ll have more info for you in the lead up to the release of the game, but in the meantime check out this new trailer!

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