New Star Fox Confirmed for Wii U

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Miyamoto Star Fox

Although it wasn’t revealed during Nintendo’s main event, there are additional game announcements coming throughout the rest of the week, the first of which was Star Fox! Fans have been hoping for Nintendo to bring this series back for some time now, and a new Star Fox game will be released for the Wii U in 2015.

The Wii U’s gamepad will provide a first-person view from the Arwing’s cockpit. The Arwing can now turn into a helicopter, too, in addition to the Landmaster tank. Two players can play together using the new helicopter, with one player controlling the copter and one controlling a small robot attached to a tether.

Shigeru Miyamoto revealed three games today that will all make use of the Wii U’s gamepad. Star Fox is one of them, as well as a robot-fighting game called Project Giant Robot, and a tower defense game called Project Guard. He has described this Star Fox game as possibly being spread across “multiple releases that are connected through different missions” and that if you consider the Star Fox series to be like a movie series, this new game is “more like a TV series.”

We aren’t entirely sure what that means.

Are you excited for the return of Star Fox? Share your thoughts, hopes, expectations, and concerns in the comments below.

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E3 Begins Today

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E3 logo

It’s finally here. Beginning with the press conferences today and extending throughout the week, E3 will either delight or disappoint us with game footage and announcements from our favorite developers. What secrets lie in the future of the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U? What surprises await us? Who will be the “winner” of this year’s E3? Everything starts today, with Microsoft’s press conference.

Monday, June 9

  • Microsoft’s press conference – 9:30 AM PT/12:30 PM ET
  • EA’s press conference – 12:00 PM PT/3:00 PM ET
  • Battlefield Hardline – 1:00 PM PT/4:00 PM ET
  • Ubisoft’s press conference – 3:00 PM PT/6:00 PM ET
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – 4:30 PM PT/7:30 PM ET
  • Dying Light – 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET
  • Sony’s press conference – 6:00 PM PT/9:00 PM ET

Tuesday, June 10

Wednesday, June 11

Thursday, June 12

  • Fable Legends – 11:00 AM PT/2:00 PM ET
  • Project Spark – 11:40 AM PT/2:40 PM ET
  • Nintendo’s new game announcement – 12:00 PM PT/3:00 PM ET
  • The Crew – 2:20 PM PT/5:20 PM ET
  • Nintendo’s new game announcement – 2:40 PM PT/5:40 PM ET
  • Evolve Tournament – 4:00 PM PT/7:00 PM ET

In addition to these, Nintendo Treehouse will have regular livestreams each day, and every day will be packed with additional game demos and previews. We’ve tried to list some of the most notable here, but check out the full Twitch schedule to see everything the official E3 streaming platform will bring, including unspecified titles from companies like Deep Silver, Ubisoft, and Square Enix.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity: Four Assassins Shown on Banner

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Unity banner

Well, E3 is just around the corner, and that means preparations are well underway. Ubisoft has put up a huge banner outside of the area to advertise Assassin’s Creed Unity. It features four assassins, which has led some fans to wonder if Unity will have a co-op option for the campaign. Maybe that’s why it’s called “Unity.”

That’s not the only Assassin’s Creed rumor we have for you today. A GameStop advertisement suggests there will be two preorder bonuses for Unity, one of which is a mission called “Chemical Revolution.”

Meanwhile, a screenshot has surfaced which what appears to be a crossbow an assassin can conceal at his wrist.

Unity crossbow

All of these things are just rumors for now… but we imagine we’ll have a lot of answers in just a few days. E3 is almost upon us, and we can’t wait.

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More Theaters for Sony’s E3 Press Conference

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E3 is less than a week away, and we can’t wait to see what will be announced and shown. For those of you who would still like to see Sony’s press conference on the big screen, you still have a chance even if the theaters near you sold out by the time you tried to register. With how quickly the theaters sold out, Sony’s Geoff Keighley indicated that more might be added to the list.

Well, you now have more theaters to choose from, so search to see if any new theaters in your area still have seats.

Don’t forget, there are some surprise gifts promised to attendees.

So, let us know if you’re interested, or if you’d really rather just watch from home (or in-person, if you’re attending E3 itself).

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Battlefield Hardline Beta Is a Gift to E3 Theater-Goers

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Battlefield Hardline beta

You know how Sony is showing its E3 press conference in select theaters around the country? Well, if you attend, you’ll get more than just the experience of watching on the big screen. Sony promised gifts…and one of those gifts was either revealed or leaked today.

Fans who registered for the PlayStation E3 Experience received emails that thanked them for their attendance and gave them access to the beta for Battlefield Hardline, which was recently announced.

Since the codes aren’t actually available to these users yet, we suspect the emails were sent out by mistake. Still, this is pretty cool, and we wonder if there are other surprise gifts planned.

If you haven’t registered for this event and you want to, you’ll have found that all of the theaters are already sold out. There’s no guarantee that Sony will include more, but it’s been confirmed as a possibility.

We can’t wait to see what Sony has in store, and little bonuses like Battlefield beta access just make this idea all the more intriguing.

E3 is almost here, but if you can’t wait until then for more news about the PS4 (and Vita), we’d like to let you know about PlayStation’s Summer Fireworks, an event planned for June 6th in Japan. It will involve footage from certain Vita games, details on upcoming PS4 games, and digital fireworks, and it will be streamed through Nico Nico. It might not be translated, though, so you might not get much out of it if you don’t know Japanese. We’re interested, though, in whether there will be a lot of overlap between games featured at this event and at E3.

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Sony Might Have 5 “Megaton” Announcements for E3

May 31, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Sony Megaton

There are a lot of rumors and theories circulating about E3, but this is one of the most interesting (and credible). There is a NeoGAF user called DemonNite who is generally accepted to be a Sony developer, although no one knows who he really is. In the past, he’s teased things that have been true, and fans generally hold more faith in him than in other “insiders.”

Today, DemonNite uploaded a very strange video and later mentioned on NeoGAF that there was an Easter egg in the video. Take a look.

Now, if you’ve seen Tron: Legacy, you’ll recognize the video footage, but there are a few differences. First, Sony’s Kaz Hirai is in the scene, and the dialogue has been changed to be about Sony and E3. Second, the disk has “E3 2014 Megatons” written on it. Third, after the disk is placed on Hirai’s back, you can hear five distinct beeps. If you compare it to the original scene from the movie, the beeps have clearly been added.

Most fans believe this means Sony has five “megaton” announcements planned for E3. Since DemonNite isn’t speaking as an official source, we have to consider this a rumor, although it would explain why Sony thinks its conference deserves the big screen.

Do you believe this is a sign that Sony has five major announcements to make? What do you think they are? What do you hope they are?

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You Can Watch Sony’s E3 Press Conference in Theaters

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For those of us not lucky enough to attend E3 in person, we’ll probably be watching live streams of the press conferences and other events from our computers. However, for the PlayStation press conference, there’s another option for North American fans: you can watch it for free on the big screen at select movie theaters.

You’ll have to register if you want to attend, and some theaters are already selling out. You can search for theaters near you and buy tickets here. If you’d just like to see the list of participating theaters, we’ll list them below.

So, are you planning to watch the press conference in person, in theaters, or at home?

Participating Theaters
AK – Anchorage – Cinemark Anchorage 16 with XD
AL – Birmingham – Regal Trussville 16
AZ – Phoenix – AMC Ahwatukee 24
BC – Vancouver – Cineplex Cineplex Odeon International Village (Tinseltown)
CA – Los Angeles – AMC Century City 15 with IMAX
CA – San Diego – AMC Mission Valley 20 with IMAX
CA – San Francisco – Cinemark Century 9 San Francisco Centre with XD
CO – Denver – Regal Pavilions 15
DC – Washington – AMC Mazza Gallerie 7
FL – Miami – AMC Sunset Place 24 with IMAX
FL – Orlando – Regal Waterford Lakes Stadium 20 with IMAX
FL – Jacksonville – Regal The Avenues Stadium 20
GA – Atlanta – Regal Hollywood 24 @ North I-85
ID – Boise – Regal Boise Stadium 22 with IMAX
IL – Chicago – Regal City North 14 with RPX
IN – Indianapolis – Regal Galaxy 14
KY – Louisville – Cinemark Tinseltown Louisville
LA – Baton Rouge – Regal Citiplace 11
MA – Boston – Regal Fenway 13 with RPX
MN – Minneapolis – Regal Brooklyn Center 20
MO – Fenton – Regal Gravois Bluffs Stadium 12
MO – Kansas City – Regal Kansas City 18 Cinemas
NC – Charlotte – Regal Stonecrest 22 @ Piper Glen with IMAX
NE – Omaha – AMC Oakview 24 with IMAX
NM – Albuquerque – Regal Cottonwood 16
NV – Las Vegas – Regal Village Square 18
NY – New York – Regal Union Square Stadium 14
NY – Buffalo – Regal Transit Center Stadium 19 with IMAX
OH – Columbus – Regal Georgesville Stadium 16
OK – Oklahoma City – Cinemark Tinseltown USA
ON – Toronto – Cineplex Yonge & Dundas
OR – Portland – Regal Lloyd Center 10 with IMAX
PA – Philadelphia – Regal Riverview Plaza
PA – Pittsburgh – Cinemark Pittsburgh North 11
PQ – Montreal – Cineplex Scotiabank Theatre Montreal + IMAX
SC – Columbia – Regal Columbiana Grande Stadium 14
TN – Nashville – Regal Opry Mills 21 with IMAX
TX – Houston – Regal Houston Marq*E Stadium 22 plus IMAX
TX – San Antonio – Regal Cielo Vista 18
TX – Dallas – Regal Galaxy Theatre
UT – Salt Lake City – Cinemark Salt Lake City 16
VA – Virginia Beach – AMC Lynnhaven 18 with IMAX
WA – Seattle – AMC Pacific Place 11

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New Witcher 3 Footage on June 5, More at E3

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Witcher 3 new logo

It’s been a while since we’ve had anything to report about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but we’re all going to get a chance to see a lot more of it over the next few weeks. Today, CD Projekt RED and announced a special online event for Wild Hunt.

On June 5, there’s going to be a special live stream event which will reveal details about preorders, unveil the collector’s edition, and show off new game footage. Check out the official announcement.

We can’t wait, and the fact that even the announcement was accompanied by a cool trailer has us excited for what’s in store. And once June 5 is past, we won’t have much longer to wait until E3, at which CD Projekt RED has promised a 45-minute gameplay preview.

Witcher 3 E3

Well, we’ve got just over a week before the excitement begins. Check out this piece of concept art, which shows the Novigrad canals, and share your thoughts and hopes for this upcoming RPG.

Witcher 3 Novigrad canals concept art

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Star Wars: Battlefront to be Shown at E3

May 6, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Star Wars Battlefront

It’s that time of year again, when everyone waits for E3 to arrive and passes the time by speculating over what titles might be shown off. Well, at its financial earnings call, EA made it known that it has 7 new games that will be shown at E3. One of these games will be released this year, while the remaining six will be released in years ahead.

The unannounced 2014 title is a mystery, since it can’t be any of the games we already know about (such as Mirror’s Edge 2 or Star Wars: Battlefront).

But speaking of Battlefront, EA confirmed that DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront game will be shown at E3. Fans have been dying for a new Battlefront game for a long time, so we have high hopes for it. While we don’t know a lot of details yet, Star Wars: Battlefront is expected to have a 2015 release and appear on the PS4 and Xbox One, along with previous gen consoles and PC.

We can’t wait to see what EA has to show us. Battlefront, an unknown game for 2014, and at least 5 other games should all appear at E3. What are you looking forward to the most?

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“Super Cool” Xbox Event in the Works?

April 21, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


What is Microsoft planning?

In his latest podcast, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb said he and Jeff Rubenstein have something “super cool” and “awesome” planned for PAX Prime. PAX Prime, which isn’t to be confused with the recently-concluded PAX East, will run from August 30-September 2, so we’ve still got a good wait before we learn more.

Don’t worry, though. E3 will come before then, and Microsoft has said many times now that they expect a strong show. Even more interestingly, Major Nelson said they’ll have some events before E3, too.

Personally, we hope these events somehow involve new game announcements for the Xbox One, or at least more details about games that have already been announced. What do you think they’ll be?

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