Xbox One Digital Discounts Starting with Ryse?

February 17, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


Today, the Xbox Twitter account, as well as Studio Manager Mike Ybarra, announced that digital downloads of Ryse: Son of Rome will be on sale for $39.99 (£34.99 in the UK) between February 18 and February 24. Its normal price is $59.99, the same as a physical copy. Once that deal is over, there will be deals on add-ons daily for an unspecified period of time.

According to Ybarra, this deal is because fans have been asking for discounts on digital games, and Ryse will be the first experiment. We wouldn’t be surprised if Ryse was chosen because of its new DLC being released on February 28. The sale period gives players the perfect opportunity to buy the game in time for the DLC.

He also said Microsoft is thinking of implementing a digital preorder system, so that players could preorder games from the Xbox Live Marketplace and download them at midnight on their release dates.

There is usually a significant difference in the prices of retail games and digital games, so their experiment with Ryse should be a successful one. If so, we can only hope they’ll make a more permanent adjustment to their prices. On the other hand, Amazon prices for new, physical copies of Ryse range from approximately $41-$50, so the price drop might not have as dramatic an effect as it otherwise would. A lot of fans think even the sale price is too high, while others think it’s an excellent bargain.

What do you think? Will you be picking up Ryse: Son of Rome when the deal begins tomorrow, or will you pass and wait for another deal?

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Major Nelson on Xbox One: Digital pricing, codes, personal media & IE

September 22, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


Major Nelson recently spoke during an Xbox One event in Boston and answered a few questions that Reddit users had submitted to him. Here’s a quick run down of the main points:

Personal Media

Major Nelson couldn’t confirm if we’ll be able to play personal media files via local network or from a USB hard-drive on the Xbox One, but did say that the idea is that the console is a total media device. It would therefore be surprising if they did not implement this functionality.

Internet Explorer on Xbox One

IE on Xbox One will definitely support HTML5, but he couldn’t confirm the extent of flash support.

Digital Games and Price Matching

Both digital and disc versions of games will have the same MSRP. It it also possible that you’ll be able to buy digital download codes from games retailers, although this won’t be implemented by launch in November.

Why Buy an Xbox One?

Major also had some words on why you should buy an Xbox One:

It’s the device for everyone, it has the features to please the hardcore gamer and even media fans. No features were created at another’s expense. It’s as much about games as the Xbox 360 and has the added abilities that make it the best in TV, Movies, and Sports.

So no major announcements/information breakthroughs, but we’re getting there. It was a shame that Major couldn’t confirm personal media will be supported. Given the spin Microsoft have put on the Xbox One’s functions to date, you’d think it would be all the way at the top of their list!

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Microsoft looking at digital games trading for the Xbox One

September 4, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


The ability to trade digital games is something that many a gamer would love to see become reality. Not only would it give them a chance to pass on old, completed and/or un-loved games onto others, but the cash you could get from trading would be nice to have too (more games!).

Up until now it hasn’t really been considered. Neither the Xbox One or PS4 will support it at launch, and of course in the PC market using a platform like STEAM, the games you purchase are locked to your account for life.

However all that could be set to change with Microsoft’s Albert Penello telling Gamespot that they are actively looking at the issue and will even enable it “when the time right”!

I think we need to do that. That has to be part of the experience.

Talking about the now defuct Family Sharing program that was initially scheduled to launch with the Xbox One (and was pulled because of the backlash – many gamers viewed it as too restrictive), Penello said

That was one of the places that we were actually trying to pioneer. We were trying to implement the ability to trade [and] loan digital games with your friends which is something that no one else was doing.

All this is great news. If Microsoft can manage to strike a balance somewhere between what they initially tried to introduce with the Family Sharing program and a trading free-for-all (publishers wouldn’t be too happy) then they might have a shot at keeping most people happy and truly ushering in the era of digital gaming.

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PS4 games can be fully installed onto hard-drive

August 31, 2013 by Staff - 3 Comments


Over the past few days there’s been a bit of confusion as to whether you’ll be able to do a full install of disc games to your PS4’s HDD (obviously this doesn’t apply if you purchase the digital version!).

It all started with Shuhei Yoshida (prolific Twitterer and SCE Worldwide Studios President) saying “you cannot install a disk version onto HDD”. Many took this as meaning that if you purchase the disc version of a game, you won’t even be able to install it fully to the PS4 hard-drive.

Yoshida-san has cleared the whole thing up (again via Twitter) as follows however:

So, the bottom line is that you can do a full install of a game’s files onto your PS4 hard-drive (for better performance), however the original game disc will always need to be present in the drive.

It will be interesting to see how many people decide to go “all digital” with their game purchases this generation, and take the convenience of not needing a disc versus the lack of ability to on-sell their games.

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Digital Xbox One games will be available on release day

August 12, 2013 by Staff - 1 Comment


This is probably the shortest news post we’ve ever done here at (Xbox) One Cheats, but it concerns a much-asked and very important question. Will Xbox One games be available as digital downloads from the day the are released in retail stores?

Simply: Yes!

This is fantastic news and will negate the need to queue up for release day launches/worry about pre-orders and availability, etc.

All you should need to do is select the game in the marketplace and wait for your download to finish. In fact, you won’t even need to wait as the Xbox One will let you play before the download has completed (it’s smart like that)!

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