75 Xbox One Prototypes

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So far the Xbox One has been a successful console for Microsoft, and recently senior industrial design manage Carl Ledbetter spoke about the process of determining the console’s final design. In particular, he mentioned that Microsoft went through 75 different prototype designs before they settled on the Xbox One unit we know today. These 75 prototypes were sketched and then 3D-printed throughout the process so that the design team members could get a feeling for what the finished product would be like.

The reason behind all of these designs was that Microsoft wanted to be innovative without making any decisions that would turn players away. The console itself was not the only piece to receive such treatment – Microsoft went through over 100 possible designs for the Kinect sensor, while the Xbox One’s controller saw 200 prototypes.

The Xbox One has been well-received, but considering its shape, some fans have been questioning why it took 75 designs to decide “box” was the way to go. A lot more probably went into the design decision that just the basic shape, but it still would be interesting to see what the scrapped prototypes looked like.

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An artistic take on Xbox One controller design

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The team at Xbox recently asked a group of eight artists to come up with some designs for the Xbox One controller. The pic below is what they came up with.


To be honest we aren’t sure that we like any of them! Maybe a bit too artistic…

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How about a white PS4 with orange trim?

July 18, 2013 by Cheats.co Staff - 13 Comments


The Playstation 4 is a great looking console, of that there is no doubt. But how might it look in colors and designs other than pure black? Wonder no more because some enterprising people over at Reddit have thought up some pretty impressive designs. We think that straight white looks pretty good, but our favorites would have to be the two with orange trim (both the black and the white version) in the collage above.

blue-ps4 dark-purple-ps4 gold-ps4 light-gold ps4-black-white purple-ps4 red-ps4 silver-ps4 white-ps4

Either way, it’s something for Sony to consider in the future (in fact, they are guaranteed to be considering it already). Console skin makers (both established and potential) should also take a good look at some of these designs.

What’s your favorite color scheme?

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Side by side: PS4 and Xbox One

June 12, 2013 by Cheats.co Staff - 1 Comment

The immediate comment when a lot of people see the PS4 for the first time is “it’s so small”, while the first comment when the same people see the Xbox One is “it’s so big”. Here’s some size comparison images so you can get a proper sense of the design differences between the PS4 and Xbox One.

You’ll see that while the X1 is clearly wider and taller, the PS4 extends backwards a bit more (it’s longer/deeper). Given the height and wide differences though, the Xbox One is clearly the bulkier looking console (we guess you’ve heard the watercooler jokes)…

Anyway, which console design do you prefer and why? (more…)

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Size comparison: Xbox One versus PS4

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Is the Xbox One really that much bigger than the PS4? As you can see from the pictures below, it really depends on where you’re looking from. Front on, the X1 is definitely a bit wider and higher. Look at them from any sort of downwards angle though, and you see that the PS4 extends quite a ways back.







What do you think of the two consoles designs?

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