Trade In Your Xbox 360/PS3 Toward a Xbox One

January 30, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


According to the promotional offer sent out to several gamers today, Microsoft is putting a new trade-in deal in effect. If you trade in your PlayStation 3 (any model), Xbox 360 Elite, or Xbox 360 Slim, you will receive $100 worth of credit toward the purchase of an Xbox One. The console you trade in must be in full working condition and come with all of its accessories.

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering this deal. First, you must be prepared to buy the Xbox One at the same time that you trade in your console if you want to get the full $100. If you do not plan to buy an Xbox One with the credited money, your old console will be appraised for its value, and you will receive that amount (which may be less than $100) in Microsoft Store credit.

Second, not all Microsoft Stores are participating in this promotion. If you visit the Microsoft Store website, you can select “Your Store” from the top of the page to see whether or not you can get this deal at a store near you.

Third, this offer will only be in effect for a limited time. According to the Microsoft Store’s website, it lasts until March 2, although some players received emails that listed it as ending on February 28. It might be worth contacting your local store to find out when their deal will end. contacted Microsoft to find out what they would do with the old consoles—the Microsoft Store wouldn’t sell used PS3s, after all—and learned that they will be recycled.

Since neither the Xbox One nor the PS4 have backwards compatibility, many players might be reluctant to let go of their old consoles. For those who are done with the previous generation of games, however, $100 for a trade in is a good deal. While GameStop also offers $100 for PS3 trade-ins, their deal applies only to the 500 GB K model, and they are only offering $85 for 320 GB Xbox 360 Slim models.

Microsoft’s deal is a clear move to give players more incentive to buy an Xbox One, which leaves us wondering if Sony and Nintendo will launch similar promotions to increase PS4 and Wii U sales.

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