Xbox One voice commands quick reference guide

November 24, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


There’s probably a lot more voice commands that your Xbox One will understand and that you’re not aware of, and thanks to UpstartDuke we can bring to you the voice command cheat sheet below. Feel free to download, print it out and use it as a handy quick reference guide. Then over time you should need to refer to it less and less. TV, app and Skype commands are also included – you might even discover new features/things your console is capable of and that you didn’t know about!

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Voice commands possible on PS4 without camera

November 17, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


It turns out that you don’t necessarily need one of the new Playstation Eye cameras to use voice commands on the Playstation 4, it will quite happily do what you tell it to provided you use at least one set of the following magic words…

  1. PlayStation, go home – head back to the PS4 home screen
  2. PlayStation, take screenshot – take a screenshot
  3. PlayStation, log in – logs you in to PSN
  4. PlayStation, power, standby – enter the PS4 into standby mode
  5. PlayStation, [game name] – launch the relevant game

So there you go, it will be interesting to see if it turns out the Xbox One can also receive and respond to some voice commands with the Kinect. We haven’t heard of this being possible yet, but you never know once the device hits the general gaming public this Friday and people start exploring!

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PS4 voice commands very limited at launch

November 11, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


Kinect is a big feature/accessory for the Xbox One. Microsoft has been talking it up since debuting the console and even ensured that every Xbox One sold comes with one (which is possibly the reason for the price difference between the PS4 and X1). Similarly, voice commands are expected to be a big part of using the Xbox One.

The Playstation 4, on the other hand, does not come bundled with a PS4 Eye camera – it’s something you’re gonna have to buy separately. Sony also seem to be less focused on integrating the device with the console system, at least at this stage. While the Xbox One with Kinect can handle a multitude of commands, those that the PS4 and Eye camera will recognize are pretty limited.

For instance, you won’t be able to turn on or “wake” your PS4 from standby mode using voice nor will you be able to control media functions (like in Netflix). We do know however that you’ll be able to turn the console off using your voice and also launch games.

Of course it’s highly unlikely that Sony won’t improve on integration between the two via future system updates. Whether it will be able to catch up to Microsoft (and also encourage third party app vendors to make use of it too) remains to be seen.

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PS4 Camera to support voice commands

September 1, 2013 by Staff - 1 Comment


Most gamers know that the Kinect 2.0 on the Xbox One supports facial recognition and voice commands. Everyone must have heard the phrase “Xbox on” by now… The thing is that Sony has been pretty quiet on exactly what the new PS4 camera will be able to do, until now.

If you check out the Youtube clip below, about 5:34 in to be exact, the following text is clearly visible:

From navigational voice commands to facial recognition, the PlayStation Camera adds incredible innovation to your gaming.

[youtube id=”1HVuinq4g7A” width=”600″ height=”350″]

We think it’s pretty strange that Sony hasn’t talked about this feature, at all, until now and has actually continued to remain tight-lipped about the whole thing even with the video above being made public. That said, we fully expect some sort of big announcement in the near future.

FYI the video was taken during a presentation made at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas this week.

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Why Xbox One Kinect will be awesome

July 26, 2013 by Staff - 5 Comments


Wanna know what one of the greatest things about Xbox One is? It’s the Kinect 2.0. If you already believe that, keep reading. If you need convincing, keep reading anyway because this article will tell you about some of the things you should be excited about.

Kinect for Xbox One offers many things you may not have even thought possible and it can be used in all sorts of ways in conjunction with the console – whether it be in-game, when you’re simply browsing the UI or otherwise.


  • You can control and navigate the user interface with hand gestures. This including flipping, grabbing, dragging and pushing.
  • You can control and navigate the user interface with voice commands. Phrases like “Xbox on, “Go home”, “Snap Skype”, “Watch TV” and “Play game” are some of the commands available. The list is extensive though and will only grow with time.
  • Once you’ve setup your account for the first time, the Kinect will remember your face and link it with your Xbox Live account. It will automatically sign you in when you pick up a controller and load your particular settings, games, etc.
  • Kinect will also recognize which controller you have and which player you are (ie player one or player two). There are no LED rings required to identify you as a player. Kinect recognizes you, your controller and where you are in the room at all times (ie you can move around).


For now, most developers are using Kinect to introduce subtle new ways to control what is happening in Xbox One games. Some examples are as follows:

  • Ryse: you can use voice commands to control entire legions of soldiers.
  • Dead Rising 3: zombies will be able to hear you, and you can also point at an area and use voice commands to tell survivors what to do (cool!).
  • Killer Instinct: when you grab a controller your button assignments are automatically loaded. Give the controller to your friend and his are automatically loaded. It’s that easy.

At E3 there was a first person shooter called “Reflex” that was made specially in-house to show how the Kinect 2.0 can be utilized. Some examples are:

  • You’re about to get over-run by enemies so you raise your controller up to chest level and it raises your shield in game. This enables you to regather and then fight back.
  • Suddenly invisible enemies start attacking you. Your helmet has x-ray vision but how do you activate it? Touch your temple of course…
  • Then objects start being thrown at you, how do you dodge them? You move! So lean left or right and you will strafe, dodge or roll accordingly (I do this already without Kinect!).
  • A boss comes along and your regular weapon isn’t doing any damage. So simply raise your finger, point at him and say “fire missiles”. Guess what happens next…

The thing is, examples like those above are only going to become more numerous, more immersive and better over time as game developers learn what the Kinect 2.0 is capable of and how they can make better use of it in games. If some of the scenarios above have you excited now, imagine what’s going to be coming out a year or so after the Xbox One has been released!

Thanks to XboxOneDev @ Reddit.

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