Capture the Flag in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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Call of Duty November 4

If you, like a lot of Call of Duty fans, missed play Capture the Flag in Ghosts, you’ll be pleased to know that it is returning in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. No other details about multiplayer have been revealed yet, but Sledgehammer Games must know the return of Capture the Flag will be well-received.

Call of Duty Capture the Flag

Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey Tweeted the above picture of a Capture the Flag scoreboard for Advanced Warfare. The company definitely seems interested in learning what fans want, and in shaking up expectations. What are you hoping to see in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Uses All-New Engine

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Call of Duty screenshot 20

We expect to see a lot more about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at E3 and during the months ahead, but right now we’ve got some new information and screenshots courtesy of Edge Magazine, which featured the game in its latest issue.

Our main feature for you today will be 9 screenshots, but we also have an interesting detail about the game’s engine. It is entirely new. Rendering, animations, physics, and audio are all based on new systems Sledgehammer has built from scratch. This is quite an unexpected turn, as previous Call of Duty games have used roughly the same engine.

Call of Duty screenshot 19

An all-new engine, an emphasized story, and an approach as if the game were a new IP… all of these things lead us to wonder if Advanced Warfare is really going to shake things up for the series.

Enjoy the rest of the screenshots and let us know your thoughts.

Call of Duty screenshot 21Call of Duty screenshot 13

Call of Duty screenshot 18

Call of Duty screenshot 17

Call of Duty screenshot 16

Call of Duty screenshot 15

Call of Duty screenshot 14

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Story for CoD: Advanced Warfare Took 2+ Years to Write

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Call of Duty screenshot 8

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is still making waves. Between the initial trailer and screenshots that showed a different setting than what the series is used to, and the statement that Sledgehammer Games approached it as if it were a new IP, many people think it has the potential to break away from the standard Call of Duty fare and really shine as something different.

The story has also caught some fans’ attention. Call of Duty is more known for its multiplayer than its single player campaigns, but could Advanced Warfare be the one to change that?

Creative Director Glen Schofield says it took them more than two and a half years just to write the story. That’s definitely longer than the stories for the previous games, as they only had 2-year development periods. Meanwhile, studio co-founder Michael Condrey said in an interview with GameInformer that he hopes the story will be as impactful as the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones. Yikes.

What do you think? Is Advanced Warfare going to stun us with its epic story? Or is there more hype than substance at work?

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CoD: Advanced Warfare Approached Like a New IP

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Call of Duty screenshot 11

The Call of Duty series has been very successful, but a lot of people hate it. One of the oft-cited reasons for hating the series is repetitiveness. Fans claim every entry is more or less exactly the same as the last. While Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare caught some people’s attentions with a hint of something new, others continue to say this will just be another Call of Duty game like every other one we’ve seen.

That’s what makes this revelation from the developers so interesting.

In an interview with GameInformer, Sledgehammer Games co-founder Glen Schofield said they “approached [Advanced Warfare] like we would any new IP” and that “everything is brand new in the game.”

He clarified that there are core Call of Duty elements that will appear in the game, but they’ve approached it from a new perspective. In particular, he cited the pacing as one of the aspects that will be different from previous entries in the series.

What do you think? Will Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare be a fresh, new experience?

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CoD: Advanced Warfare Images and Plot Details

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Call of Duty November 4

Whether or not you like the Call of Duty series, you can’t deny that the recent announcement of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has stirred people up. Some people love it, some hate, some say it looks like every Call of Duty game ever, some say it looks new and innovative for the series, some accuse it of ripping off other franchises… It’s gotten people’s attentions.

Call of Duty screenshot 6

As the name suggests, Advanced Warfare has a more futuristic plot than previous games in the series, as its set in 2054. The official description of the plot, as released by Activision, says:

“Set in the year 2054, a private military corporation (PMC) has emerged with the power to rescue humanity from a devastated world struggling to rebuild after a global attack on its military and infrastructure. You are the advanced soldier. Empowered with new, cutting-edge exoskeleton abilities, technological advancements and high-tech gear, players join the ranks of a highly-trained, specialized unit committed to restoring order in a state of advanced warfare.”

Call of Duty screenshot 5

Your character works for Atlas, the private military corporation in question. Check out these new images of the game, and let us know your opinion on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Just remember that we’re all friends here, whether you like the game or not.

Call of Duty screenshot 12

Call of Duty screenshot 11

Call of Duty screenshot 10

Call of Duty screenshot 9

Call of Duty screenshot 8

Call of Duty screenshot 7

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New Trailer and Screenshots for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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Call of Duty screenshot 2

Well, we thought we’d have to wait until the countdown on the official site ended before we’d learn more about the next Call of Duty game, but in an odd twist of events, a trailer appeared, some details were leaked, and suddenly Activision and Sledgehammer Games released new screenshots of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Call of Duty screenshot 3

Following on the details we reported yesterday, Advanced Warfare has a focus on private military companies. And, as the name suggests, it has a more futuristic setting than what we’ve seen from other entries in the series. It’s set in the year 2054, and you are an elite soldier working for the Atlas Corporation, run by Jonathan Irons (portrayed by actor Kevin Spacey).

The trailer sets the tone for the story and also hints at new gameplay elements, with features like exoskeleton armor, cloaking technology, and hoverbikes, although we don’t have full details on those yet. The trailer also reveals locations like Lagos, Nigeria and San Francisco, USA, which presents some interesting possibilities. Where else do you hope Advanced Warfare will take you?

Call of Duty screenshot 4

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will release on November 4. Share your thoughts, hopes, and expectations for this game in the comments below.

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Call of Duty Trailer Focuses on Private Military Companies

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Call of Duty 2014

If you’ve been waiting for news on the next Call of Duty, you won’t have much longer to wait. In fact, you have just under 2 days and 15 hours to wait, according to the countdown on the game’s official website. Currently, the site just displays a blurred image, but fans have already begun the hunt for clues within that image.

In particular, several white pixels are hidden within the image, and each contains a link. One leads to the New York Times page for “Mercenaries and Private Military Contractors,” another goes to a Business Insider article about private military contractors, another goes to the Wikipedia article on private military companies, and as if this wasn’t enough to give us some suspicions about what the game will focus on, a fourth link leads to a “Superpower For Hire” trailer.

This is an interesting premise, and we’ll be interested to see how the game handles it. How do you think it will turn out?

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Next Call of Duty Game: First Screenshot Revealed

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Call of Duty 2014

Back in March, we reported that Sledgehammer Games showed a screenshot from their upcoming Call of Duty game at E3. The above image is the screenshot in question, and it’s an in-game character model, according to Sledgehammer. It looks as though the graphics will be incredibly realistic.

With the new Call of Duty schedule, each game will be developed for three years, with staggered yearly releases across the three studios. We still don’t know much about 2014’s game, although there are plenty of rumors.

What do you think?

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Gold Edition

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If you haven’t bought Call of Duty: Ghosts but are planning to, there’s never been a better time. Today, the Gold Edition appeared on the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store for the Xbox One and PS4 respectively, as well as on other systems. It contains the regular Call of Duty: Ghosts along with the Onslaught DLC pack and a killstreak skin to turn your dog into a wolf. It costs $59.99.

If you aren’t interested in Onslaught or the Wolf, Xbox Live will be having a 33% off sale on the standard edition on March 28-30.

Finally, from March 28-31, you’ll be able to earn double XP on any platform, in honor of the Call of Duty Championship.

So if you’ve just been waiting for the right time to pick up Ghosts, this looks like a great time to do it.

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Sledgehammer Games Discusses the Next Call of Duty

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Call of Duty logo

Sledgehammer Games founders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey took time today to discuss 2014’s upcoming Call of Duty game at GDC. While they did not give many details, they described it as the “most ambitious, most creative game” developed by Sledgehammer. They also briefly showed a character model from the game, but didn’t reveal anything else.

The lack of details in unsurprising, as the game has yet to be officially announced. While Sledgehammer will make this game, the next two Call of Duty games will be handled by Treyarch and Infinity Ward, respectively, as the series is now on a rotation to allow for both yearly releases and three-year development periods.

We wish we had more news about the game than this, but maybe we can look forward to an announcement in the near future. In the meantime, what are you hoping to see in 2014’s Call of Duty?

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