Dead Rising 3’s DLC is Single-Player Only

January 21, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


Today marks the launch of the first of four planned story DLCs for the popular zombie game Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One. The interesting thing is that while co-op is a big part of the Dead Rising games, these DLC episodes will not support it.

The word from Capcom is that these DLC additions, which each focus on a different protagonist instead of the game’s main character, are meant to be a tight, story-based experience. Collectively titled “The Untold Stories of Los Perdidos,” they will show a side of Dead Rising 3 that players haven’t experienced before, although they connect back to the main campaign. This first DLC is called “Operation Broken Eagle,” and it tells the story of the commander of a military unit in Los Perdidos before the events of the main game’s story. With military force at their command, players will fight zombies much differently than they have before.

“Operation Broken Eagle” brings with it new weapons and a new vehicle in addition to the story and mission content. All of the new weapons and vehicles introduced in the four DLC episodes will carry over to co-op, as well.

Many Xbox One gamers have expressed their disappointment in the lack of co-op, particularly those who always play Dead Rising 3 with friends. Several have criticized Capcom’s decision, saying that the story is not the point of Dead Rising 3. The lack of co-op, combined with yesterday’s large patch in preparation for the DLC, has already given fans a sour opinion of “The Untold Stories of Los Perdidos.”

We’ll see what everyone’s opinion truly is, however, once they’ve had a chance to play it proper.

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