Join the Project Spark Beta on Xbox One

One of the most exciting things Microsoft announced at 2013’s E3 was Project Spark, a creativity-based sandbox game in which players essentially create their own games for other users to play. It includes Kinect functionality so that players can give characters spoken dialogue and animations. It has the potential to be really expansive and impressive, … Read more

Sign Up for the Tropico 5 Beta

If you’re looking forward to your next chance at being El Presidente, we’ve got good news. You won’t have to wait all the way until Tropico 5’s release date. Kalypso Media has opened up registration for players to join the game’s beta testing in March. Tropico 5 will take you through centuries, from colonial times … Read more

2 Million Players Participated in Titanfall’s Beta

Titanfall’s beta was originally planned to be a limited one, but then Respawn changed its mind and opened the doors to the public. Now that the beta has ended, we can see the result—two million players joined in to experience the much-anticipated Titanfall gameplay. Betas are great for both sides. Not only do interested players … Read more

Respawn: Titanfall Improvements, Xbox 360 Details; Response to Accusations

The Titanfall beta is almost over, and Respawn has responded to a few different questions and concerns on NeoGAF. First, Software Engineer Rayme Vinson said the full Xbox One game will contain many “under-the-hood performance improvements” compared to the beta version. Of course, the beta itself allowed them to see additional issues that needed to … Read more