Scarecrow Targets You in this Arkham Knight Trailer

June 11, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Arkham Knight screenshot 12

While not a new game announcement, more of Batman: Arkham Knight was shown at E3. The newest trailer shows Gotham City in all its glory and lots of gameplay, along with some familiar faces. Then there’s the incident partway through…but we’ll leave that for you to see when you watch it.

He certainly knows how to make an impression, doesn’t he? In case you’re unsure, when the game glitches and crashes in the trailer, that was intentional, although it’s certainly startling when you see it for the first time. Good to see Scarecrow is messing with our heads as much as ever…

Arkham Knight scarecrow

Scarecrow isn’t the only reason fear is important in Arkham Knight. Batman has a new “fear takedown” move, which takes down thugs armed with guns through the power of intimidation. Of course, Batman has always been about scaring criminals, but we find it interesting that fear becomes a part of combat in a game where Scarecrow takes center stage as the lead villain.

As you can see, the Batmobile looks as awesome as ever, too. This game just looks better and better the more we see of it. Are you excited?

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Arkham Knight is Delayed Until 2015

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Arkham Knight screenshot 10

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here we are to report another game delay. The much-anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight was rumored to be delayed until 2015. Those rumors were denied…but they turned out to be true after all, or perhaps in a later development.

We hope this means early 2015, but we can’t say for sure. If this news has disheartened you, cheer up by watching the latest trailer, which shows off the Batmobile’s “battle mode,” where it more or less turns into an amazing (but non-lethal) tank.

Everything we’ve seen about Arkham Knight looks pretty great, but maybe this delay is just what it needs to make it perfect. At least one good thing comes from this bad news–October 2014, which has been packed with game releases, is a little less crowded now.

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Even the Odds in This New Arkham Knight Trailer

May 21, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Arkham Knight screenshot 11

It’s hard to not be interested in Batman: Arkham Knight, especially after the new details and screenshots we shared last week, and the new trailer released today, “Evening the Odds,” made us even more excited. Arkham Knight will release on October 14 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC, so have a look at some impressive in-game footage to get a taste of this next-gen Batman experience.

We were pleased to see story details in this trailer–a glimpse of some of the villains and supporting characters, a reminder of why we love Scarecrow, and of course the dramatic ending. The visuals are dazzling, and everything we’ve seen so far just makes us want to see more.

And of course, there still the ever-present mystery of who the Arkham Knight really is. Rocksteady claims he’s a brand new character, but as far as we can tell, maybe 1% of fans actually believe that.

What do you think?

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Check Out These New Arkham Knight Screenshots

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Arkham Knight screenshot 6

We don’t have a lot of new information for you about Batman: Arkham Knight, but we’ve gotten to see several new screenshots. They show some sort of Riddler challenge (pictured above), the Batmobile in explosive glory, Batman in a crime lab, Harley Quinn, and Batman in China Town.

Arkham Knight screenshot 7

Arkham Knight screenshot 8

Arkham Knight screenshot 9

Arkham Knight screenshot 10

We’re glad to see some varied environments, and of course, the game looks beautiful. The Batmobile steals the show, and Producer Dax Ginn explained in an interview that the Batmobile will ensure Batman is “at the right level of power” to deal with the united supervillains trying to take him down. The Batmobile was also coded by the same person who coded Batman, which is an interesting way to make them feel similar. (Also, in case you were wondering, the Batmobile can’t run over people. Batman has taken steps to ensure even his vehicle doesn’t kill.)

Finally, Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, says the game is massive, has an incredible story, and will blow our minds.

So, are you excited? Let us know!

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Arkham Knight Screenshots Show Oracle, Riddler, and More

April 16, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Arkham Knight screenshot 5

If you’re eagerly awaiting news on Batman: Arkham Knight, these latest screenshots should be just what you needed. While they don’t reveal anything particularly new, they do show many characters from the game, including Oracle. Rocksteady has said Oracle will have a bigger role in this game than in the previous Arkham games. Another screenshot shows Jim Gordon.

Arkham Knight screenshot

Of course, one of the key things that will make Arkham Knight stand out from its predecessors (and generally has everyone impressed already) is the role of the Batmobile, so we aren’t at all surprised to see it prominently displayed.

Arkham Knight screenshot 2

And where would the Batman franchise be without its iconic villains? We’ve gotten to see several of them, detailed in all their next-gen glory.

Arkham Knight screenshot 3

Arkham knight screenshot 4

Check out the full gallery of new screenshots to see more, although to our surprise, there aren’t any new images of the Arkham Knight himself or of Scarecrow, who is supposed to be the main villain this time around. With any luck, Rocksteady will release another batch of screenshots soon.

Share you thoughts, theories, and hopes for Arkham Knight in the comments below.

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Who is the Arkham Knight?

March 28, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Arkham Knight

It feels like more information is released about Batman: Arkham Knight every day, but the one question that keeps coming up without any definitive answers is, quite simply, “Who is the Arkham Knight?”

According to Rocksteady, he’s a new character created just for the game, but they haven’t been so specific that fans are willing to let go of the theories that he’s a known character in disguise. Some people still suspect he’s Hush, while others have suggested different characters, including Jason Todd. A few people think he’s Thomas Wayne, although we aren’t exactly sure how that would work. And of course, every now and then someone cites comic book logic and mentions the Joker.

Even without taking this mysterious antagonist into account, we have a lot of villains to look forward to in Arkham Knight. Scarecrow has been confirmed as the main villain, which has a lot of players excited. Scarecrow’s nightmare sections in Arkham Asylum were very popular, and according to Rocksteady, one of the most common fan requests they received for the next game was “it’s got to be Scarecrow, got to be Scarecrow.” Well, it’s Scarecrow all right, and he’s united a team of villains against Batman, to create a series of intersecting plots. Confirmed villains include the Riddler, Two-Face, Penguin, and Harley Quinn.

Rocksteady has also said that each of the villains has a specific relation to Batman. They’re all warped reflections of him, if you will.

From an intellectual perspective, it’s Riddler, that’s who he engages with intellectually. When you talk about fate and destiny and that aspect of his personality, the tragedy of his childhood, Two-Face is a mirror to him in that respect.

So, each of the supervillains connects with Batman in a very specific way and he is a collection of all of those things, but we never really had a villain who can engage with Batman of a physical, powerful, combat level.

Combat is such a significant part of the game for us, so we wanted a villain that could really challenge him very physically, so the Arkham Knight was conceived with that gameplay idea in mind.

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview for more details, such as how the Batmobile is almost like a character itself. In the meantime, we’re back to the mystery of the Arkham Knight.

Arkham Knight 2

Right now, Jason Todd might be the favored theory among fans, but what do you think? Is the Arkham Knight someone we’ve seen before, or is he completely new? While you’re thinking about that, check out the new Xbox One screenshots of the game.

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Arkham Knight Has Multiple Stories and a Living World

March 25, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


Excitement surrounds the recently-announced Batman: Arkham Knight, so we’re pleased to have a few more details for you. This time, our information comes from the game’s feature story in the Official Xbox Magazine, as reported by a user on the official WB Games forums.

According to writer and director Sefton Hill, Arkham Knight will not have the typical format of a single main story with many other side stories and missions. Instead, Rocksteady plans to have multiple intersecting stories that are all interesting in their own right.

He also hinted that loose ends from Arkham City may be followed up on. Perhaps we’ll see Hush after all, even if he isn’t the title villain.

The story commented on some other details in the game, such as how much Gotham City feels like a real city, and how there is no mini-map when you use the Batmobile (to make sure you focus your attention on the road). We’ve heard a lot of the rest before, from the beautiful rain effects to the power of the Batmobile, but feel free to check out the full post if you want to know more.

Arkham Knight looks pretty cool so far. What do you think?

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Rumors About Preorder Figures for Titanfall and Arkham Knight

March 10, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


Titanfall will launch in just a few hours, so naturally we’re curious about what sorts of sales figures it will pull in—especially with the number of people who seem to be pinning their Xbox One hopes on the game.

According to NeoGAF user Pete “FamousMortimer” Dodd, who claims to have inside information, approximately one million Xbox Ones have been sold because of Titanfall, although the sales for the Titanfall Xbox One bundle were not as high as Microsoft predicted.

He also said that United States preorders of the newly-announced Batman: Arkham Knight currently favor the PS4 over the Xbox One by 4:1.

A one million boost in sales from Titanfall is a good sign for the Xbox One, although the difference in the Arkham Knight figures is rather startling. Of course, these are not official numbers, and although Dodd has a good track record for accurate inside information, keep in mind that these are just rumors until we hear otherwise.

Are you planning to buy Titanfall and/or Arkham Knight? Let us know your thoughts on these two heavy-hitters.

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Arkham Knight Coming October 14

March 9, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


We’ve shared a lot of details on Batman: Arkham Knight over the past week, and if you’re as excited for the next Arkham game as we are, we’ve got a special piece of news for you—the release date.

While Rocksteady hasn’t officially announced the release date yet, both the GameStop and Steam listings for the game list it as October 14. That doesn’t sound like a standard placeholder date, and since both stores agree, it seems pretty likely.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t take this as solid fact just yet. We’ll keep you updated.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Details, Size, New Villain

March 5, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Rocksteady’s next (and last) Batman game will be called Batman: Arkham Knight. We’ve got a lot of new details for you now, starting with the title itself.

Since Arkham is a location and Batman is the Dark Knight, the obvious conclusion to come to is that “Arkham Knight” is just a new nickname for our caped protagonist. This is not true. Actually, as revealed today by GameInformer, the Arkham Knight is a brand new villain created for this game. According to Rockstar, this villain will be the “ultimate test” for Batman. Of course, fan speculation is running rampant, with Hush still being one of the most popular theories for the Arkham Knight’s identity.

Additionally, we’ve found out that the game is going to be huge. Arkham Knight is set in Gotham City, just as Arkham City was, but this Gotham is five times bigger, with no loading screens at all. Rocksteady wants the city to be packed with content, while also having more open space for gliding and driving.

Speaking of driving, the developers reworked the city’s design with the Batmobile gameplay in mind. They’ve widened streets, added ramps, and more. In fact, they’ve put so much effort into the Batmobile, it uses about 160 MB of memory. Yes, the Batmobile itself is about the size of an Xbox 360 game.

If that isn’t impressive enough, are you ready to hear about gameplay? Of course, the Batmobile is a core part of gameplay. You can call it to you from anywhere in the city and eject from it to go straight into a glide. You can even use your gadgets while you’re in the air. There are also several new additions to combat and takedowns, although there is no multiplayer. And if you always look forward to the more puzzling side of things, new Riddler Challenges have been confirmed.

Rocksteady has revealed a lot more than just this, mainly to GameInformer. A NeoGAF user has compiled the key points, so check out the post if you want an even more detailed look at Arkham Knight.

There is a lot of great stuff here, and it sounds like this could be an amazing addition to the Arkham series. We’ll keep you updated as more news comes out. In the meantime, tell us what you’re looking forward to the most in Arkham Knight.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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