PS4 In Stock at Amazon

Today, Amazon sent out an announcement alerting players that the PS4 console is back in stock for $399.99. The camera, on the other hand, still appears to be sold out everywhere. Considering how quickly the PS4 has sold out every time it is in stock, we suggest you act quickly if you want to buy … Read more

Amazon Cyber Monday deals include Xbox One & PS4 offerings

Amazon’s deals for Cyber Monday will include at least some Xbox One and Playstation 4 items in addition to dozens of current-generation (Xbox 360 and PS3) games, accessories and console offerings. Make sure you check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday video game deal hub here and take a look at what’s currently on offer. Note that … Read more

Playstation Plus (PS+) subscriptions $30 at Amazon on Black Friday

Those of you looking for a Playstation Plus subscription are in luck, Amazon are going to be selling them for just $30 on Black Friday – a discount of $20 off the normal price. We shouldn’t really have to recount the numerous benefits of having a PS+ subscription, but quickly – you get free games … Read more

Watch Dogs PS4 bundle delay results in $10 Amazon credit

Not only will you still receive a Playstation 4 console on release in November if you pre-ordered a PS4 bundle containing the now delayed Watch Dogs game, but Amazon will also give you a $10 voucher for your troubles. We’ve heard reports of Amazon customers who pre-ordered the Watch Dogs PS4 bundle receiving the email … Read more

Watch Dogs delayed until 2014, will NOT affect PS4 bundle deliveries

Watch Dogs, a game that many have probably pre-ordered with their new Playstation 4 or Xbox One consoles, has been delayed until 2014. Ubisoft confirmed the news today on its official blog, stating that what many saw as one of the most exciting next-generation launch titles has been delayed until Spring 2014. As for the … Read more