Shuhei Yoshida comments on PS4 / Vita Remote Play

August 19, 2013 by Staff - 1 Comment


Are you curious how the PS Vita will work with the PS4 in remote play mode? Because if so, SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is on the case, via Twitter, and recently posted a few comments to help us better understand how the two devices will interact.

First off, responding to a question about whether PS4 games that require a special input device (such as dance games) will work with the PS Vita in remote play mode, Yoshida said unfortunately they won’t, but seemingly all others will:

Next he confirmed that there will be little lag (if any) between the two devices:

Oh, and if you think that this new feature might be require a whole heap of new software for your Vita (and potentially a bigger memory card) don’t worry – that won’t be an issue! This is particularly good to know given how expensive the things are at the moment…

With rumors of a potential Playstation 4 / PS Vita bundle, is this doing anything to make you more inclined to purchase Vita along with your PS4 console?

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One response to “Shuhei Yoshida comments on PS4 / Vita Remote Play”

  1. DontMessWid says:

    Screw the PS Vita. No way would I buy it just to make gaming on PS4 slightly better. Would have to be some pretty crazy features involved!!

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