PS4 enables you to use real name online

October 24, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


If you want to use your real name in conjunction with the PS4’s online gaming service you’ll have the option to do so, Sony has confirmed.

Speaking to Kotaku, Sony has said that users will have the option (it’s important to note this is by no means a requirement) of displaying an alias/nickname or their real name.

It’s also not a “one or the other” proposition. You will be able to use your real name on the Playstation Network, for example, and still play games with an alias. This might be useful for using your real name with known friends and then displaying a nickname for people you don’t know.

Microsoft has previously mentioned it would like to bring a similar “real name option” to Xbox Live, but that such a feature will not be available at the time of the console’s launch.

The move will also bring both gaming networks in line with other social networks such as Facebook, which require you to use your real name.

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