Previous Heroes and Flemeth May Appear in DA: Inquisition

April 17, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

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A lot of interesting information came out of PAX, and some of it had to do with Bioware’s upcoming RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisition. We’re going to consider some of these details to be rumors for the time being, since they’ve been reported by a PAX attendee, about answers from a Q&A in which Bioware was intentionally vague with some answers.

For example, one question was about the player characters from the previous Dragon Age games, and the role they’ll play in Inquisition. Bioware responded that there’s a “solid possibility” of the Grey Warden and Hawke making an appearance. As for supporting characters from the previous games, they’ll only be included if they have a significant impact on the story. Another character fans asked about was Flemeth, Morrigan’s mother. She will “probably” be in Inquisition.

At least some concrete facts came out of the Q&A. Bioware confirmed that there will be 9 companions, providing a balance across the different classes. Only two romance options have been currently confirmed–Cassandra and Cullen.

We hope Inquisition will be a truly worthy successor to the previous Dragon Age games. We’ll keep you updated as more facts are revealed. Which characters would you most like to see return?

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