Pachter Predicts Success for PS4, Failure for Morpheus

March 24, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


In the past, we’ve brought you several of analyst Michael Pachter’s predictions, not all of which we agreed with. Well, here’s what he’s had to say about Sony’s recent gaming endeavors, when asked by DualShockers.

While he doesn’t know enough about Sony to speak for the company’s success overall, he sees a bright future for the PS4. He predicts “wild success” for the console, which is certainly how thinks appear so far.

However, he believes Project Morpheus is going to be a failure. He doesn’t think Microsoft should attempt VR technology, either. He says it’s fine for a small company, like the Oculus Rift, but not for multiple, large companies. He believes the market for virtual reality games will be quite small.

It sounds interesting, but I don’t think there will be enough content to justify making the capital investment to create the headset. I think it’s chicken and egg. If there’s no content you’re not gonna buy a virtual reality headset, and if you don’t buy a virtual reality headset, there won’t be any content, because no one will make a dedicated game for a very small audience.

He makes an interesting point there. What he’s describing is similar to the cycle the Wii U has found itself in, where developers are reluctant to make games because no one is buying the Wii U, and players are reluctant to buy the Wii U because not enough developers are making games for it. On the other hand, reactions to Project Morpheus have been highly positive, and many players view VR as the way of the future.

What do you think? Is Project Morpheus just a tiny blip in the gaming market, or will it grow to something huge?

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