No, The Order: 1886’s Graphics Weren’t “Downgraded”

May 24, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


Yesterday, we were lucky enough to see new gameplay footage from The Order: 1886, an upcoming game for the PS4. While some fans who tuned in were disappointed when the stream only lasted for three minutes, and others were quite satisfied with what they got to see, there were a few who found something else to complain about–the graphics.

Yes, The Order is the latest game to be accused of having its graphics “downgraded” from previous builds. This sort of criticism has cropped up multiple times lately, but Ready at Dawn isn’t taking it.

Founder Andrea Pessino was quick to announce that the graphics have actually improved. And while the stream showed frame rate issues, that, as well as the other “downgrades,” were a problem with the stream, not the game itself. Pessino also clarified the importance of the plot.

If you missed the stream, check out the new gameplay footage now.

Some players are concerned The Order won’t have anything to set it apart from other shooters besides its unusual setting, but we’ve certainly seen some interesting weapons in this new footage. As noted by DualShockers, the M-86/FL Thermite Rifle is a machine gun with a very interesting secondary use, where it “acts like a two-stage grenade launcher. First you shoot the thermite round and wait for the cloud to spread, then you need to shoot a second round to ignite it.”

The Order definitely wants to be a third-person shooter unlike any other out there. Do you think it will succeed?

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