New PS4 system and UI images

July 23, 2013 by Staff - 4 Comments

Sony has just released some new images showing off the Playstation 4 system as well as the user interface.









As you can see, the PS4 UI features much better multitasking support that its predecessor, the Playstation 3, and there will also be a new mobile app that lets you view game details, check out your profile and those of your friends, view Trophies and of course message people (Android app pics shown).

One thing we noticed in the “PS4 package” image is the tablet, specifically the inclusion of the word “Start” below the Knack game image. Does this mean gameplay can be streamed to tablets (and presumably controlled with the DualShock 4)?

Otherwise it’s nice to see more of the direction Sony are taking with the PS4 UI… looks good to us!

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4 responses to “New PS4 system and UI images”

  1. Fanboy23 says:

    Anything is an improvement on the PS3 UI. Fark it’s slow…

  2. PSXBaller says:

    The mobile apps look cool and and if we can play on tablets even better. No more fighting over the TV!!!

  3. Cleonegy says:

    As long as it runs better than the current PS3 UI/PSN I will be happy. Man that thing is a dog to use.

  4. Tidiane Bakayoko says:

    this is too fresh. i can’t wait to buy a ps4 and play all day

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