New Bundles Available for PS4 and Xbox One

April 25, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


If you haven’t picked up either a PS4 or Xbox One yet, or if you know someone who hasn’t but wants to, you might be interested to know that a couple new bundles appeared today. Now, these aren’t new in the sense of including new, previously-unbundled games, but each has something interesting to offer.

The seller is on Ebay with a PS4 bundle. It contains the PS4 console along with Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack, two of its exclusive launch titles. The whole bundle costs $449.99 and has free shipping, so if you’re interested in getting a PS4 and both games, this is a lower price than if you buy them separately.

The Xbox One bundle is a little trickier to explain, because on the surface it seems silly to say you can buy the Day One bundle five months after the console’s launch. Nevertheless, Amazon has put the Xbox One Day One Edition back up for sale for its original price of $499.99, so if you really wanted those Day One perks, you can get them now. The Day One edition includes the Xbox One console, a special commemorative controller, and a code to receive an exclusive Day One achievement you can’t otherwise get.

If you’re looking for a spectacular deal and price cut, neither of these new sales is quite right. However, if you’re interested in two specific exclusives (for the PS4) or special launch-day benefits (for the Xbox One), take a look before these sell out.

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