Michael Pachter Predicts Titanfall 2 for PS4

March 4, 2014 by Cheats.co Staff - Leave a comment


We’ve previously brought you a few predictions from financial analyst Michael Pachter, and his latest thoughts on the gaming industry relate to Titanfall. If a Titanfall sequel is made, he doesn’t think it will be exclusive to Xbox platforms and the PC. In fact, he believes “this might be the last exclusive you see for a long time that’s third party.”

According to Pachter, EA expected the Xbox One to be vastly more successful than the PS4, which is why they made the exclusivity deal. He also said that he thinks they would never have made the deal if they knew what the price difference between the two consoles was going to be.

So far, the PS4 has definitely beat the Xbox One in terms of sales and demand, even with Titanfall being such a highly-anticipated title. Titanfall may move a lot of consoles, but we can’t help but think it would sell a lot more copies if it was available on Sony’s platforms as well, and it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that EA is thinking the same thing.

Additionally, we’d previously heard rumors that Sony was trying to make a deal to get future entries in the Titanfall series, which makes sense from Sony’s side as well. Titanfall is huge right now. So while we don’t always agree with Pachter’s assessments, this time we can see a lot of support for his prediction.

Once Titanfall launches in a week, its sales figures should provide an even clearer picture of where the IP might go in the future.

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