Learn About Sunset Overdrive’s Amp System

May 23, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Sunset Overdrive artwork

If you’ve been keeping up to date with news on Sunset Overdrive, you might remember that there’s a new weekly show dedicated to answering fan questions about the game and providing new information. Check out today’s episode of Sunset TV to learn about the Amp System.

You can use up to five amps at once. Four are equipped on your character, and the fifth is equipped on your weapon. You can put different amps on different weapons, but you can only use one weapon at a time. Some amps have aesthetic effects, while others affect gameplay. Examples shown in the video include a melee attack that sends out a small tornado, flames bursting out of your grind way to deal continual damage to the enemies, and a gunfire-triggered nuclear explosion.

To activate your amps, you’ll need to build up your Style Meter through “traversing, killing enemies, and especially killing enemies while traversing,” which Insomniac explained in more detail on the official blog. (The Style Meter also affects the music that plays, which is an interesting feature.)

Having a “Style Meter” in place of a traditional combo system is just one more way Sunset Overdrive is centered around crazy action and fun. What do you think? Ready to try out some Amps when the game releases for the Xbox One?

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