Increased Sales for Xbox One and PS4

March 17, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that the Xbox One saw a boost in sales over the past week. After all, Titanfall launched on March 11, and it was one of the most anticipated titles in the Xbox One’s library. Factor in the effective price cuts from bundles, and it would have been a shock if the Xbox One didn’t see a substantial rise.

According to MCV, the Xbox One’s sales in the United Kingdom rose by 96% last week, 70% of which were due to the Titanfall bundle. Titanfall itself was the #1 bestselling game in the UK, beating out Dark Souls II.

We haven’t yet heard data on how the Xbox One’s sales have improved worldwide, but the numbers from the UK are very promising.

However, the PS4 also saw a massive rise in UK sales last week–a 72.4% boost MCV’s editor attributes to more stores getting the console in stock.

So it looks like it was a great week for both consoles in the UK. Did you pick up an Xbox One or a PS4 last week? What about Titanfall?

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