Dragon Age: The Fade and Therinfal

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Dragon Age Fade 1

BioWare has released yet another batch of screenshots for Dragon Age: Inquisition, along with more articles related to lore and location on the game’s official site. First, we’ve gotten to see new screenshots from a strange place that should be familiar to fans of the series: the Fade.

Dragon Age The Fade

The site has a helpful article on the Fade and its connection to the mortal world, as well as an article on breaches in the Fade, which is an important part of Inquisition’s premise.

Dragon Age Fade 2

As interesting as the Fade is, it isn’t the only location we’ve gotten to see. The next is the Therinfall Redoubt, a once-proud training ground for the Seekers.

Dragon Age Therinfall Redoubt

And yes, the site was updated with another lore-based article about Therinfall, so you can catch up on your knowledge of both of these interesting locations.

Dragon Age Therinfall 4

We’ve also got two little facts about Inquisition to share with you today. First, the game is officially in alpha. This means that the game is mostly complete, and the developers will be testing it. Our second piece of information is more related to the game, rather than just its status: how the Inquisitor’s name will be chosen.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to give your character any first name you like. The last name, however, will be given to your character based on the race you’ve chosen. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this from BioWare’s games, and it allows the voice acting to easily address the Inquisitor.

Enjoy the rest of the screenshots, and share your comments on Dragon Age: Inquisition!

Dragon Age Fade 3

Dragon Age Fade 4

Dragon Age Therinfall 2

Dragon Age Therinfall 3

Dragon Age Therinfall 5

Dragon Age Therinfall 6

Dragon Age Therinfall

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