Could friends help you earn Achievements with remote play?

June 4, 2013 by Staff - 4 Comments

Have you ever come up against boss you just can’t beat, or a puzzle you can’t work out? We’ve all been there and it can be incredibly frustrating. Not only does it usually stop your progress within the game, but it might also mean you miss out on valuable Achievement points, which is definitely a major issue for Achievement hunters!.

The Xbox One could provide some relief in this regard however, with sources stating that Microsoft has demo’ed an X1 feature that lets you Skype a friend and ask them to give you a hand in your game. Upon accepting a request, your chosen friend can then take over the game, playing it for you!


While this is happening the originating (ie stuck) player gets to watch their friend play the game on their screen, not only checking their progress, but also hopefully learning some tips on how to improve their own gameplay. Either person can end the remote playing sequence with the push of a button.

One potential issue we see is latency, and the requirements for the whole thing to work. Obviously the “helper friend” will need to have a copy of the game, but will they also, for example, need to have previously visited the part of the game they are being asked to help with?

More to the point of what we focus here on at One Cheats – will Achievements earned by your friend whilst helping you out get added to your account or that of your friend, or not at all? If you don’t get them as the help-seeker, there is always the opportunity to go back with your new found knowledge/skills/tips/cheats and earn the points yourself, we assume. The bottom line being that it can’t be a bad thing for Achievement freaks!

Microsoft itself has said nothing official on this remote play feature, but more is surely to be revealed at E3 in a few days. We can’t wait!

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4 responses to “Could friends help you earn Achievements with remote play?”

  1. Counterproductive says:

    Sounds a lot like the system that Sony announced back in February for the PS4. Except unofficial.

  2. LEGIT _ELITE says:

    mmm sounds REAL familiar! like with… the PS4!!!

  3. BPA says:

    So basically what the PS4 has OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED..?

  4. One4Eva says:

    Of course it’s confirmed with PS4 – they had their reveal before the Xbox One. So now Microsoft can’t reveal the same thing? Are you saying MS can’t use blu-ray either because PS4 does?

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