Canadian EB Games Raises Price of Upcoming Games

January 20, 2014 by Staff - 2 Comments


The standard price for new Xbox One and PS4 games has been $59.99 for a while, but EB Games in Canada has now listed upcoming next-generation games for $64.99, raising the price by $5. That isn’t a huge increase, but it’s still surprising.

No reason has been given for the change, although some fans wonder if it is related to the increased popularity of digital games. There is no clear indication of whether the price will change in the US as well. Games with the new pricing include Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Destiny, Thief, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (yes, even some PS3 games have received an increase).

Most players are displeased, and many have cancelled their preorders at EB Games in favor of preordering from a different retailer.

Let’s hope this doesn’t become more widespread!

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2 responses to “Canadian EB Games Raises Price of Upcoming Games”

  1. Tytan McBride says:

    It went up another $5, so $69.99 now

  2. The_Superior_Spider-Mon says:

    you always buy digital retail then the prices will match the US Counterparts (just to piss off the Canadian retailers-mainly EBGames).
    If my Pre-order of FFX|X-2 becomes $49.99 I’m going get a digital copy of this game to boycott this price increase.

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