2 Million Players Participated in Titanfall’s Beta

February 24, 2014 by Cheats.co Staff - 1 Comment


Titanfall’s beta was originally planned to be a limited one, but then Respawn changed its mind and opened the doors to the public. Now that the beta has ended, we can see the result—two million players joined in to experience the much-anticipated Titanfall gameplay.

Betas are great for both sides. Not only do interested players get a chance to try out the game, but they also help the developers find problems that need to be fixed. Jon Shiring, an engineer for the game, discussed this with Polygon, saying, “We found probably 10 real things that we worked on and fixed. That’s 10 things we don’t have to find on launch day.”

He also mentioned the importance of Microsoft’s cloud service, the Xbox Live Compute platform. If the service goes down, Titanfall players are locked out until the problem is fixed.

Although players found issues for Respawn to work on, as well as a seven-hour period in which “human error” caused the servers to go down, most people who tried the Titanfall beta were quite impressed. We’ve heard tons of praise and enthusiasm for this game, and Microsoft in particular seems confident in its ability to boost the Xbox One’s sales. What do you think? Did you try the beta? If so, share your thoughts and impressions and let us know if you plan to buy the full game.

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One response to “2 Million Players Participated in Titanfall’s Beta”

  1. Nate Reeder says:

    I already had the game preordered and paid off before I played the beta along with dark souls 2 cant wait to play both. The beta was amazing although I didnt like the smart pistol I think it should take longer for the pistol to lock on to human players

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