10 Billion Wives Gameplay Tips and Tricks

December 21, 2016 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

10-billion-wives-tsundere-wifeThe game 10 Billion Wives for iOS and Android has a simple objective, which you might guess from its title: marry as many wives as possible.

Don’t be mistaken, though. This isn’t a dating sim or galge. Instead, it’s a clicker-style game. In 10 Billion Wives, you earn Love by tapping the screen. Your wives provide a certain amount of LPS (Love Per Second), and you also have an LPT rate (Love Per Tap).

These rates increase with upgrades and when your wives level up, and you can use love to unlock more wives. They range from the Apron Wife to the Tsundere Wife to the Soldier Wife… there’s a Zombie Wife… Angel Wife… you get the picture.

If you’re playing 10 Billion Wives, here are a few tips and tricks you help you along.

Basic Tips

Let’s start with some basic gameplay tips.


The game doesn’t notify you when you earn an achievement. However, you want to be aware of your achievements, because they help you out! Go the game’s achievement menu manually and check your achievements. If you’ve earned one, tap it. This will give you a 20% boost to your LPT rate.

You’ll get another, special bonus when you unlock all the achievements, so be sure to check back often.


Upgrades are the key to success. Although the price of upgrading each wife increases as her level gets higher, higher levels mean you’ll earn more LPS.

At levels 20, 100, and 120, you can also purchase upgrade items for your wives.


While not everyone wants to make use of in-app purchases and it’s entirely possible to play 10 Billion Wives without any microtransactions, the Wifeplus in-app purchase grants you permanent multiplier boosts.


Like any clicker game, 10 Billion Wives doesn’t require a lot of constant attention. This means that you can easily find some time to play as you do other things. The game will also continue to build up Love even when you aren’t tapping, so just remember to tap every now and then.

Special Tricks

Here’s a trick for 10 Billion Wives you might not think of right away. Since the LPS rate slows down (and eventually stops after several hours) when the app is closed, you might consider turning off your mobile device’s ability to go idle when not in use. If the game remains open, you’ll continue to build up a higher rate of love.

10 Billion Wives Cheats

There are currently no known cheats for 10 Billion Wives. If you know of any, let us know.

Additionally, while many players seem interested in learning what the 10 Billion Wives “privilege ID” is, we have not been able to find any information. It appears as though it is something used by the game’s developers, although let us know if you find out any details that we missed.

In Conclusion

These are our tips and tricks for 10 Billion Wives on iOS and Android. We hope this brings you a little closer to your goal of unlocking any wife. Know any tips we missed? Let us know in the comments.

And one more thing…

10 Billion Husbands

Marrying a bunch of wives not quite your thing? Interested in the other side of things? Don’t worry, there’s a clicker game for you, too. The developer has a second game called 10 Billion Husbands.

All of our 10 Billion Wives tips and tricks should apply equally well to 10 Billion Husbands.

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