4 of the Greatest Video Game Easter Eggs

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Easter eggs

Drawing inspiration from the popular children’s game, a video game ‘Easter egg’ is a secret feature, hidden message or inside joke that is often placed within a video game. Unless you’re reading about them on this website, players must put in a high level of game time in order to discover the hidden message or unlockable secrets within the game. They are often discovered by serious gamers who devote enough time to fully exploring every aspect of their favorite title.

We’ve seen a lot of great Easter eggs over the years, but here are those Easter eggs we consider to be some of the absolute best. Sometimes Easter eggs are just to keep us on our toes, a friendly nod to fellow developers and something to make us smile. Other times, Easter eggs can add another layer to the story, frighten us, help us. Whatever it might be, Easter Eggs help video gamers feel connected to the developers and the game as a whole.

Portal – The Lair of the Rat Man

Released by Valve in 2007, this complex puzzle game received critical acclaim from gamers across board. Portal would go on to win game of the year in 2008.

The gameplay itself takes place within a science center. Gamers work to maneuver Chell, the main character throughout the levels using only a Portal Gun, a device that can be used in a number of unique ways for creating a connection between any two points.

As mysterious as the story of Portal is, the levels themselves held some secrets for players who showed enough persistence, patience, and courage. The puzzler boasted numerous secret dens. Certain areas could be discovered via crawlspaces and were eerily decorated. These secret areas were the hideout of a certain scientist from the story, Doug Rattman. Fans of Portal will recognize the “cake is a lie” line, these words came from Doug Rattman himself as what was left of his mind slowly became consumed by the insanity of Aperture Science.

These areas are loads of fun to discover and add a solid layer of depth to the Portal storyline.

Diablo 2 – Hell Cows

Building off of a misguided rumor, Blizzard decided to appease fans in the second installment of the Diablo franchise, Diablo II. Initially, many gamers slaved away attempting to find a mysterious cow level, that only the most dedicated Diablo players would find.

Within Diablo II, there lies a secret Cows stage of gameplay. Known on the internet as “The Hell Cows“, or “Hell Bovines“, this level promises onslaught of cattle madness. Players will face waves of slow-moving, hard-hitting bovines. If you can get past how hilarious a herd of bipedal armed cows look, you’ll find this level makes for some especially good experience gaining. There’s plenty of cows to be slain, just don’t take Blizzard’s word for it. According to them, “there is no Cow level“.

Without going into specifics (you can find exact instructions online), players can access the secret Cow level by obtaining a certain item before the end of Diablo II, and then make sure to step into the right portal. This will launch you into the realm of the Hellish Bovines.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas & Grand Theft Auto: V

On Gant Bridge within San Andreas is a very Rockstar-esque Easter egg. Rockstar has a very interesting take on comedy within the Grand Theft Auto franchise, usually placing literal Easter eggs around the games. On top of the Gant Bridge in San Fiero is a message that reads, “There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go Away“. A bit of a jest from Rockstar on that one.

In Grand Theft Auto: 5, players can catch a glimpse of the mysterious cryptid, Bigfoot. A certain night mission allows players to scan the darkened woods with a sniper rifle. If they look closely enough, they will see Bigfoot! Or, at least, someone dressed up as Bigfoot. Rockstar hasn’t officially confirmed whether or not this is the actual Bigfoot. However, amongst the multitudes of Easter Eggs in the Grand Theft Auto franchises, this one is especially great.

Gamers familiar with the San Andreas franchise might notice this one. If you go down Grove St. in Grand Theft Auto: V, you’ll see some all too familiar characters ride by on bicycles. These guys look like Carl, Sweet and Big Smoke from San Andreas infamy.

But wait, there’s more, if you go into Franklin’s second home, you’ll find a novel titled “Red Dead”. The author? None other than J. Marston.

Rockstar has been creating amazing video games for years now, and the Grand Theft Auto franchise is no exception. There are far too many Easter Eggs within the series to fully list them here, however if you’re unfamiliar with Grand Theft Auto and love Easter Eggs, or are just looking for some added replay value, Grand Theft Auto: 5 is a gaming masterpiece.

Pokémon: Missing No

What’s Pokémon without a little glitch now and again? Some of the first Pokémon games featured a glitched Pokémon known simply as MissingNo. MissingNo was actually an error handler developed by Game Freak for identifying when the game tries to fetch data that doesn’t technically exist. Somehow, it still snuck through the cracks and into the finalized version of the games.

Available in Pokémon Red or Blue for the Gameboy, MissingNo was first spotted by players in the Safari Zone, an area marketed for the exploring and capturing of the more exotic Pokémon types. With a few well-placed steps, players can maneuver into the right area to find the fabled blur of a Pokémon.

If players could effectively track and catch a MissingNo, they would be blessed with infinite items, sort of. Any item placed within the player’s sixth item slot would suddenly have an infinite quantity. With this glitch, a player could easily catch every Pokémon by having no limit on Master Balls, or level up all of their Pokémon with unlimited rare candies.

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In-Depth : Final Fantasy 15’s (FFXV) Luna (Lunafreya)

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Final Fantasy XV is now available for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and one of the most divisive characters has proven to be Lunafreya.


Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, or Luna, is the princess of Tenebrae, a kingdom taken over by the Niflheim Empire years prior to the start of the game.

She is also the youngest Oracle in history. Final Fantasy XV’s Oracles are people with the power to speak with the gods and cleanse the world. According to legend, the Astral Bahamut chose the first Oracle and gave her his trident. Ever since then, the power of the Oracle has been passed down from generation to generation.

The Oracle’s goal is to stop the Starscourge, a plague that lengthens the nights and allows demons to appear. The Oracle keeps the Starscourge at bay until the True King, from the line of Lucis, can stop it forever.

Luna and Noctis were childhood friends, and although they were separated before the events of the game and haven’t seen each other in years, they still share a strong connection and communicate with each other through written messages.


Luna generally appears calm and composed, even when in dangerous circumstances. She is fully devoted to her duty as Oracle, and in Kingsglaive, she says that she does not fear death. Rather, she fears “doing nothing and losing everything.” This can be seen even in Luna’s childhood, when she gives up her chance to escape from the Empire to help Regis and Noctis get away.

She shows great compassion when interacting with people, as well as forgiveness. In contrast to her brother, Ravus Nox Fleuret, she doesn’t hold anything against Regis for what happened in Tenebrae. She also continues to love Ravus after he allies himself with the Empire, and does her best to make Ravus see why she has placed her faith in Noctis.

In Kingsglaive, Luna shows little faith in magic and prefers not to rely on it. However, in Final Fantasy XV, Luna uses magic herself. The reason for this inconsistency is unclear, although it may be that she views her god-given powers as an Oracle as something quite different from the power Nyx and the other members of the Kingsglaive use. Likewise, she does not use magic in Kingsglaive, but she doesn’t have the Oracle’s trident, which might be necessary in order for her to use her powers.

Although Luna is almost always depicted as focused on her duty, she doesn’t lack other emotions. Although the game’s circumstances prevent us from ever seeing a carefree Lunafreya, a child in Tenebrae tells Noctis about how happy Luna was when she saw her wedding dress. This, among other signs, points to Luna genuinely loving Noctis.

Luna’s Role in FFXV

What makes Luna such a divisive character, though, is her role in the game. The story begins with Noctis traveling to marry Luna in a political union, accompanied by his friends.

Short flashbacks to their childhood show us the two of them together, and we also see Luna healing someone and reassuring the people. She also sends messages to Noctis with her dog, Umbra, in the form of a journal.

When Noctis and the others finally reach Altissia, where Luna is, she gives a speech and prepares to summon the Astral Leviathan. However, aside from this critical scene, her importance to the overall premise of the Starscourge, and her passing on the Ring of the Lucii to Noctis, Luna plays only a small role in the game.

She is important to the story, but only has a few moments in it. Many fans dislike this, as Luna is considered one of the main characters. Her on-screen interactions with Noctis are also few enough that some players were unable to get a genuine sense of their bond.

Luna vs. Stella

Of course, some criticisms stem from the differences between her and the heroine of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Stella Nox Fleuret. Stella was planned to be a very different sort of character from Luna, an assertive young woman forced into combat against Noctis despite their friendship.

During the transition from Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV, the story underwent changes that the team felt no longer had a place for Stella. As such, she was removed from the game, and Lunafreya Nox Fleuret was created instead.

Playable Luna

Square Enix has plans to make additional characters playable through Final Fantasy XV updates and DLC. While no solid plans are in place to let you play as Luna, they have said they will consider it for future DLC since the demand is fairly strong.

Interesting Facts

Interested in learning more about Luna? Here are a few pieces of Final Fantasy XV trivia to share.

  • Luna’s full name can be broken down into four separate pieces, each of which has its own meaning:
    • “Luna” means “moon.”
    • “freya” comes from Freya or Freyja, the Norse goddess of many things, including love, beauty, war, and death.
    • “Nox” means “night.”
    • “Fleuret” is both the name for a small fencing sword and the word for “blossom,” like the flowers that appear in so many scenes with Luna.
  • The blue flowers that appear in several scenes are called sylleblossoms, and they are Luna’s favorite type of flower. They strongly resemble the real-world flowers called gentianas, a name shared by the Messenger who guides Luna, Gentiana.
  • Luna’s wedding dress was designed by a real-world designer, Vivienne Westwood.

What are your thoughts on Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, or Luna, and her role in Final Fantasy XV?

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10 Billion Wives Gameplay Tips and Tricks

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10-billion-wives-tsundere-wifeThe game 10 Billion Wives for iOS and Android has a simple objective, which you might guess from its title: marry as many wives as possible.

Don’t be mistaken, though. This isn’t a dating sim or galge. Instead, it’s a clicker-style game. In 10 Billion Wives, you earn Love by tapping the screen. Your wives provide a certain amount of LPS (Love Per Second), and you also have an LPT rate (Love Per Tap).

These rates increase with upgrades and when your wives level up, and you can use love to unlock more wives. They range from the Apron Wife to the Tsundere Wife to the Soldier Wife… there’s a Zombie Wife… Angel Wife… you get the picture.

If you’re playing 10 Billion Wives, here are a few tips and tricks you help you along.

Basic Tips

Let’s start with some basic gameplay tips.


The game doesn’t notify you when you earn an achievement. However, you want to be aware of your achievements, because they help you out! Go the game’s achievement menu manually and check your achievements. If you’ve earned one, tap it. This will give you a 20% boost to your LPT rate.

You’ll get another, special bonus when you unlock all the achievements, so be sure to check back often.


Upgrades are the key to success. Although the price of upgrading each wife increases as her level gets higher, higher levels mean you’ll earn more LPS.

At levels 20, 100, and 120, you can also purchase upgrade items for your wives.


While not everyone wants to make use of in-app purchases and it’s entirely possible to play 10 Billion Wives without any microtransactions, the Wifeplus in-app purchase grants you permanent multiplier boosts.


Like any clicker game, 10 Billion Wives doesn’t require a lot of constant attention. This means that you can easily find some time to play as you do other things. The game will also continue to build up Love even when you aren’t tapping, so just remember to tap every now and then.

Special Tricks

Here’s a trick for 10 Billion Wives you might not think of right away. Since the LPS rate slows down (and eventually stops after several hours) when the app is closed, you might consider turning off your mobile device’s ability to go idle when not in use. If the game remains open, you’ll continue to build up a higher rate of love.

10 Billion Wives Cheats

There are currently no known cheats for 10 Billion Wives. If you know of any, let us know.

Additionally, while many players seem interested in learning what the 10 Billion Wives “privilege ID” is, we have not been able to find any information. It appears as though it is something used by the game’s developers, although let us know if you find out any details that we missed.

In Conclusion

These are our tips and tricks for 10 Billion Wives on iOS and Android. We hope this brings you a little closer to your goal of unlocking any wife. Know any tips we missed? Let us know in the comments.

And one more thing…

10 Billion Husbands

Marrying a bunch of wives not quite your thing? Interested in the other side of things? Don’t worry, there’s a clicker game for you, too. The developer has a second game called 10 Billion Husbands.

All of our 10 Billion Wives tips and tricks should apply equally well to 10 Billion Husbands.

Lifeline: Will 150 Rads (Overnight) Kill You?

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Lifeline - Big Fish GamesThe game Lifeline for iOS and Android (Big Fish Games) puts you in contact with Taylor, an astronaut stranded on an alien moon. With Taylor’s survival in your hands, you must communicate and provide the correct answers to help him survive.

(Note: Taylor’s gender is ambiguous, but we’ve decided to refer to the character as a he.)

One of the most common questions in Lifeline comes about when Taylor has to decide whether to sleep in the cold or by the reactor. The reactor is radioactive, and he’ll get 150 rads if he sleeps by it. This leads to many players worry about one simple thing: will 150 rads kill you?

The short answer is no. Taylor will freeze to death if you pick the other option, so you need to let him sleep by the reactor.

In real life, however, the answer is a bit more complicated. Even there, 150 rads should not be enough radiation to kill someone, at least not immediately. However, the person would likely begin to suffer side effects, such as nausea. Some people exposed to this amount of radiation would die later on, while others would recover.

Keep in mind, even though it’s not necessarily lethal, 150 rads is well above the threshold generally considered safe for humans.

Duration also plays an important role. 150 rads overnight for one night might not kill you, but if you continued to be exposed to 150 rads night after night, then you’d be in serious danger.

Finally, there’s one more thing you need to take into account. What kind of radiation is it? While it’s tempting (especially in the context of video games and other works of fiction) to toss “radiation” out there as a single concept that covers all possibilities, not all radiation is equal.

For example, alpha radiation is not an external threat. It must actually get inside your body for you to suffer ill effects. Beta radiation is more dangerous, and gamma radiation is worse still: difficult to protect yourself against and capable of causing widespread damage to your body.

Of course, Lifeline is just a game, and all of these things don’t need to be taken into account as they would in real life. So, to recap…

Will 150 rads overnight kill you?

In Lifeline, 150 rads overnight will not kill you. Let Taylor sleep by the reactor.

In real life, it’s more complicated and dangerous, and you should steer clear of radioactive materials.

Top 10 Cool and Funny Overwatch Memes

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Since its release in May, Overwatch has taken the gaming world by storm. Not only do people love playing Overwatch, but it’s also given rise to some great memes. While many more Overwatch memes can be found, here are some of our favorites.

Note: we do not own any of these memes. We simply gathered them from around the Internet.

1. Overwatch: Team Fortress 2, but with waifus


Due to the similarities between Overwatch and Team Fortress 2, there are numerous memes about how Overwatch is just Blizzard’s version of the other game. So, what is the main distinguishing factor between Overwatch and Team Fortress 2?

Apparently it’s the waifus.

2. Attack Commences in 30 Seconds


In reference to the two teams waiting for a match of Overwatch to begin, one of the most common Overwatch memes is to pair the “Attack commences in 30 seconds” line with an image of characters staring at one another through a window or door. The version pictured above is an especially popular one.

3. Team Composition


Good team composition can be hard to come by in Overwatch, since sometimes you have far too many team members who want to play the same character.

4. Bastion’s Play of the Game


Bastion has led to an incredible number of memes, ever since the Overwatch beta. As a robot able to transform into a turret, this character can be devastating. As a result, Bastion players frequently get “play of the game” at the end of a round.

Bastion memes are numerous, whether they’re about the character being overpowered, players who main Bastion being evil, or just how often he defeats his opponents.

5. Photobombing Enemies in Junkenstein’s Revenge


During the Halloween co-op event called Junkenstein’s Revenge, it became popular for players to try to photobomb bosses. Boss characters are introduced with a dramatic camera shot that slowly swing out in front of them as they pose. If you place your character in just the right spot, you can appear in the boss’s introduction shot.

6. Heroes Never Die


When Mercy uses her ultimate to revive her fallen team members, she says “Heroes never die.” This has led to a wide variety of “heroes never die” memes. They range from the frustration (or horror) when it’s an enemy Mercy who does it, to the glory of being revived.

Note: when the opposing team’s Mercy uses her ultimate, she says her line in German.

7. It’s High Noon!


Meanwhile, McCree activates his ultimate (which lets him one-shot anyone in his sight), he shouts, “It’s high noon!” This became a popular meme quite quickly, with images that range from McCree’s satisfaction when high noon arrives, to enemies fleeing, to commentary on the unusual frequency of “high noon.”

These memes became so popular, Blizzard added a new line. When McCree’s ultimate is ready to use, he says, “You know what time it is.”

8. Dad 76


How did Soldier 76 become known throughout the fandom as an overprotective father figure toward the rest of the team? That’s hard to say, but not only is it a popular Overwatch meme, but Blizzard seems to enjoy it as well. In a new line added to the game, Tracer refers to Soldier 76 as “dad.”

There also was a special Soldier 76 event during Father’s Day, but that was entirely a coincidence. Probably.

9. Ah yes, “Reaper”


Since Reaper’s name is a word, he’s found himself in many reaper-related memes, from the Grim Reaper to the Reapers from Mass Effect. The Mass Effect Overwatch memes allow for even more variety, such as jokes about Reaper’s involvement with the Reapers or parodies of the infamous “Ah yes, ‘Reapers,'” line from Mass Effect.

10. Roses are red…


For Hanzo’s ultimate, he shouts, “Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau.” The line itself has become popular and is used in many memes, but one of the most bizarrely popular ones is Hanzo’s version of the standard “Roses are red” poem:

Roses are red
Violets are blue

Other Overwatch Memes?

These are only a handful of the many memes that have come out of Overwatch. Do you have a favorite Overwatch meme we haven’t posted? Share it with us in the comments!

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Titanfall 2 Stuck on “Data Center Searching” – Solution

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If you’ve been playing Titanfall 2, you might have encountered a glitch where you can’t enter multiplayer because the game becomes stuck on the “data center: searching” screen. Alternately, it may get stuck during the “contacting Respawn servers” message.

Regardless of which spot the game gets stuck at, this glitch will prevent you from playing until you fix it. So, what causes the Titanfall 2 “data center searching” glitch? It appears to be a simple problem: if you have multiple network adapters enabled, the game can’t access the list of data centers. Fortunately, this means it has a simple solution for many people.

Common Solution

You need to disable whichever network adapter you aren’t using. If you’re playing Titanfall 2 with a wi-fi connection, disable its Ethernet connection. If you’re playing with an Ethernet connection, disable the wi-fi connection.

On the PC, you can do this by going to your Control Panel, selecting “Network and Connections,” and then choosing “Network Connections.” All adapters should be displayed. If you right-click the one you aren’t using, you should be able to disable it.

Alternate Solutions

However, while this is the most common solution, it doesn’t seem to work for everyone. If it doesn’t solve the problem or you only have one network adapter, here are a few things you can try:

  • Check your adapter’s settings. If it has options related to gaming that aren’t enabled, try enabling them.
  • Disable every network device, including hidden devices. Enable only the one you intend to use.
  • Change the priority of your network cards by following this helpful guide.
  • Reset your adapter.

Unfortunately, none of these are guaranteed workarounds. Respawn said they are looking into the problem. With any luck, an official fix will be released soon.

Watch Dogs 2: Wrench – The Spiky Masked Man

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Watch Dogs 2: Wrench

In Watch Dogs 2, “Wrench” is one of the main characters, a DedSec hacker who works as the group’s engineer. Thanks to his sense of humor and unique personality, he’s already become a favorite character for many fans.

According to his profile found on the official Watch Dogs website, Wrench got his nickname because “he’s the wrench you throw into somebody’s gears to grind them to a halt.” Wrench’s real name is unknown, although the mission “The Name Game” suggests it might be Reginald.

Wrench’s profile goes on to describe him as a man with no fear, someone who goes further than the other members of DedSec. But don’t let that make you think Wrench is a serious, grim character. On the contrary, he’s energetic, excitable, and humorous… if also wild and dangerous.

One thing that immediately makes Wrench stand out from the others is his mask. Wrench wears a strange mask that uses an LED display to display expressions and emotes. The mask also alters his voice. So, why does Watch Dogs 2’s Wrench keep this mask on? Well, according to an in-game audio log, the FBI believes a troubled childhood led him to have difficulty conveying emotions and interacting with people. The mask allows him to display his feelings despite these troubles.

Wrench dislikes animals, as explained in the Watch Dogs 2 mission “Haum Sweet Home,” and even puppies make him nervous.

Wrench Jr.

Emotional difficulties and problems with animals aside, Wrench didn’t become DedSec’s engineer for nothing. He’s smart–smart enough to take a security robot and reprogram it to make it his personal companion. This robot, which he names “Wrench Jr.,” resembles the real-world Knightscope K5 security robot, as well as China’s new AnBot riot control robot.

An actual replica of Watch Dogs 2’s Wrench Jr. was included with the Collector’s Editions.

Wrench Cosplay

Like any popular character, Wrench has fans who want to cosplay him. If you need help with Watch Dogs 2 Wrench cosplay, Ubisoft has provided a cosplay guide.

The cosplay guide, which can be either viewed online or downloaded, includes shots of Wrench from the front, back, and sides. It then breaks down his character design into everything you’d need to know for an accurate costume: close-up shots of his clothing, the colors used for each part of his outfit, and detailed drawings of his tattoos.

It also has close shots of Wrench Jr., in case you want to make your own little robot to accompany you during your cosplay. Finally, it shows every one of the emotes displayed by Wrench’s mask in Watch Dogs 2.

The mask might look like the trickiest part of the cosplay, but unless you’re planning to use an LED display like Wrench himself does, it is probably best to make the individual emotes for the mask’s goggles and swap them out depending on which emotion you want to display.

On the other hand, if you really want an authentic Watch Dogs 2 mask like Wrench’s, one ambitious and technology-savvy cosplayer has provided a guide to creating a mask that can actually display Wrench’s emotes through the use of LED lights and a remote control you can carry with you while in costume.

New Battlefield 1 (BF1) pages for PS4 and Xbox One

November 30, 2016 by Cheats.co Staff - Leave a comment

Battlefield 1 (BF1)

Battlefield 1 (BF1)

We’ve pulled together all the best hints, cheats, guides, unlockables, trophies and other content we can find about BF1 for your enjoyment.

Battlefield 1 (BF1) is quickly becoming the new defacto standard in FPS gaming, the campaign is excellent and the multiplayer gameplay leaves little to be desired.

Our new cheats.co pages cover the following…

  • Elite Pickups – what are they and where to find them
  • Codex Entries – the 53 codex entries, what are they and what do they do?
  • Kolibri Pistol – is this some sort of joke? (nope the Kolibri pistol was a real WWW1 era gun)
  • Headphones – What are they and what is the secret message?
  • How to rank quickly
  • Where is the cavalry sword?
  • Should I turn on the kill log?
  • The zeppelin glitch video
  • A full guide to the locations of all 66 field manuals
  • All PS4 Trophies and Xbox One achievements

Check the pages out here: PS4, Xbox One

As always, if you’ve anything to add please submit some content on the game pages or leave a comment on the game page!

What Cheats Do You Want in Red Dead Redemption 2

November 9, 2016 by Samantha Lienhard - 1 Comment


Rockstar Games has announced Red Dead Redemption 2, the sequel to 2010’s Red Dead Redemption and the third game in the Red Dead series. It will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in Fall 2017. If you haven’t already watched the announcement trailer, have a look.

Although actual cheat codes aren’t as common in games nowadays, Rockstar is one of the remaining developers who still likes to add fun cheats into their games. What sorts of cheats might we find in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The original Red Dead Redemption had a decent selection of cheat codes. You could do basic things like unlock weapons, spawn horses, alter your Fame level, etc., as well as cause more interesting effects, such as make animals friendly toward you with the Beastmaster code.

Jump forward a few years to Grand Theft Auto V, and you’ll see that Rockstar implemented an even wider variety of cheats: invincibility, flaming bullets, weather control, lower gravity, and more. While many players loved Red Dead Redemption’s cheats, several feel they weren’t nearly as interesting or varied as those found in the Grand Theft Auto series.

It’s safe to say we’ll see cheats return in Red Dead Redemption 2, but what will they be like? What types of cheats would you most like to see in Red Dead Redemption 2? Let us know in the comments.

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How to Unlock the Secret Ending of Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2

November 2, 2016 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 came out at the end of October for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. However, even if you’ve already cleared the main story, you’re not finished yet. You still have a secret mission to unlock, along with the game’s true ending.

To unlock the true ending of Xenoverse 2, you must complete quests in the Time Rifts in order to get all five Distorted Time Eggs.

1. Hercule’s House Egg

Visit Hercule’s House and turn right to enter the courtyard. You must complete the 6 Saiyaman Quests to get this egg. If they aren’t in the courtyard, you must talk to them at the Resort District or Kame House first.

2. Capsule Corporation Egg

Go to the Capsule Corporation and talk to Vegeta. If he doesn’t challenge you to a battle, you need to level up first. You must win all four fights with Vegeta to get this egg.

3. Guru’s House Egg

After you’ve accepted a quest at Guru’s House, you’ll occasionally receive notifications that the area is under attack. During attacks, Nail will give you a quest to defend the house. In these quests, you’ll need to defend the house from enemies while also collecting Dragon Balls. You must complete ten of these quests to get the egg.

4. Majin Buu’s House Egg

At Majin Buu’s house, you need to feed Majin Buu. You can find food in blue orbs at Conton City. Once you feed him enough for him to have six children, he’ll give you the egg.

5. Frieza’s Spaceship Egg

Join Frieza at his spaceships and do quests there until Frieza offers you quests himself. You may need to spend some time in the game doing other things before new quests become available. The game will notify you when a new mission is available. You need to complete all 17 of Frieza’s quests to get the egg.

Unlocking the Secret Mission

Once you have all five Distorted Time Eggs, give them to the Supreme Kai and then talk to Trunks. This will unlock the secret mission, “Unknown History.” Complete this mission to unlock the true final boss fight and the secret ending.