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How to Earn Money Hints

Here are a few easy ways to make money.

Quests and getting paid for doing jobs is the best way to earn money consistently.

Collect seeds from the ruins dungeons and sell them. Doing this, you can easily earn 5000 bea per day (since you’re capped at 10 seeds per day and they sell for 500 each).

Farmers have a great earning potential due to how many work points they can earn in a year, while the King has a guaranteed 100,000 bea salary plus bonuses from work points and adventure points.

On Astral Day (every year on Day 20), children can ask adults for candy. If you’re playing as a child character, you can spend the whole day asking NPCs for candy and then sell it later on.

You cannot share or inherit money. However, if your character dies, your new character will get the bea from your previous character.

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I  am  having  problems  figuring  out  how  to  get  the  birth  egg  on  the  Nintendo  switch  version.  If  possible  I  would  also  like  to  know  where  exactly  and  when  exactly  I  could  get  it.  
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