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Basic Tips Hints

You need both business floors and residential floors, so try to keep a good balance of the two. 2 residential floors for every 3 business floors is considered to be a good ratio.

Upgrading your floor capacity will allow you to stock more things at once and earn coins faster. However, keep in mind that floor upgrades aren’t kept while you’re rebuilding.

Upgrading your elevator speed will let you work faster and also earn more coins. Elevator upgrades are kept after rebuilding.

Different vehicles will let you get more and better missions to earn more Bux. Unlocked vehicles are kept after rebuilding.

Each figure has a “dream job” indicated by a heart. When someone is working at their dream job, they pay triple rent and double the stock for an item. Keep this in mind and try to get workers at their dream jobs whenever possible.

If you constantly make sure to have at least one open spot by evicting tenants that aren’t at their dream job, you’ll increase your chances of getting more dream workers.

Bux are a rare resource, so make sure you don’t use them rashly. Conserve them as much as you can and use them on the things that will most help you.

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Gold Bricks Hints

Once you have at least 50 floors, you’ll be able to rebuild your tower to get a gold brick. Each gold brick you have increases the coins you get from elevator rides, reduces floor construction times based on the number of minifigures sent to the floor, and reduces delivery times based on the number of minifigures sent to the floor.

Each gold brick also allows you to upgrade a floor.

Upgraded business floors have an upgraded capacity of 100x and have instant restocking times.

Upgraded residential floors have a base rent of 900 coins for minifigures who once lived there and 3x rent for minifigures currently living there.

If you delete a floor that was upgraded with a gold brick, you will get the gold brick back to use again on a different floor instead.

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How to Keep Dream Workers When Rebuilding Hints

When you rebuild your tower, you will lose all of your current minifigures. If you want to keep your dream workers (tenants working at their dream jobs) or any other minifigures when you rebuild, a workaround for this is to set up a second account, send these minifigures to the second account, and then send them back to your main account so you’ll get them in your mail after you rebuild.

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What is kept when rebuilding Hints

Whenever you rebuild your tower, some things will be lost while others will be kept. Here is the full list of what you keep versus lose when you rebuild.

You keep:

  • All your Bux
  • Any pieces in your inventory and pieces worn by minifigures in your tower
  • All unlocked vehicles
  • All unlocked customizations
  • Any elevator speed upgrades
  • Character upgrade levels
  • Anything in your mailbox
  • Friends waiting to ride your elevator
  • Any previously-earned gold bricks

You lose:

  • All built floors and capacity upgrades
  • All your coins
  • All minifigures currently in your tower

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Quickly earn unlimited Bux Hints

To earn Bux quickly without spending real money, there are ways you can set up your tower in order to quickly farm Bux, especially if you work together with friends to earn Bux from friend visits. For Bux farming strategies, check out the video guide below.

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