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Last Updated: July 8, 2022
Crash Drive 3
  • First Released: Jul 7, 2021

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Completing Gold-Tier Challenges


When you have completed a tutorial. You will receive a challenge on the top right of your menu screen.

These challenges will vary from hitting objects to performing different stunts and winning certain events.

You will not receive a challenge for a zone or a car you have not unlocked or bought yet.

You must complete these challenges and upgrade your vehicles to receive new challenges.

Once you have completed a challenge, you will receive money. You must complete the gold-tier challenges, and you can receive $5,000.

These gold-tier challenges will only be available every 4-5 hours of gameplay and you must complete them as fast as possible.

Bob L shows a player a easy way to complete challenges.

Alien Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

There are hidden Easter eggs in Crash drive 3. On the first map of the game, a player will find a wall located in a desert area on the map, during their gameplay.

You must then drive around the first map area and will find an alien that will appear standing next to their spaceship.

You will find the alien located behind a wall in the desert area. 

Ghislain Martin shows a player some Easter eggs found in Crash drive 3.

Snowman Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

You will need to be on player level 6 and you will enter a desert map area. 

On the desert map area, you must drive towards the mountain. Once you have reached the mountain you must try to drive up the side of the mountain.

You must slowly make your way up the mountain in their vehicle.

When you reach the top of the mountain they must go over the edge of the mountain to the other side.

You will drive down the mountain and find a desert sandy area where a giant snowman will appear.

MathewH88 takes a player to a secret location and finds a giant snowman Easter Egg.

Shortcut to aliens


You must load the first map and find a tunnel. Once you have found a tunnel, you must drive through the tunnel and continue along the road. 

You will pass a town on the road and multiple ramps that they must drive past.

When you have driven through the town you must continue along the road until you see a purple screen with writing on it. 

You must proceed to drive into a groove in the mountain and you will end up going through the mountain.

On the inside of the mountain, you will find the aliens standing next to their spaceship.

Ghislain Martin shows a player a glitch that takes them to the aliens.

Fuel Barrel glitch


When you are on level 10 you must go to the ice map area. There you must find a bunker located to the right of a ramp.

Once you have found a bunker, you will see fuel barrels stored to the right of the bunker's entrance.

You must drive into the fuel barrels and they will explode, causing the vehicle to be launched into the air.

You will land on a mountain covered in snow and you must then drive around the mountain.

There is a crevice on that mountain that causes your vehicle to temporarily disappear when you drive at the angle.

Super Game shows a player some glitches found in Crash drive 3

How to win King of the Crown


There is a challenge called "King of the Crown". This challenge will begin with you being in possession of the crown.

There will be a clock timing you and if you are not in possession of the crown, you must ram your vehicle into the player with the crown to steal the crown. 

If you have the crown, you must avoid losing it until the timer runs out. Once you have defended the crown for the last time, you will win.

You must avoid using your boosters because controlling your vehicle under the use of a booster can be difficult.

If you can't manage your timer to run out with the crown. The player that has the least amount of time left on their timer will win the event. 

So you will need to keep the crown for as long as possible, even if you do not manage to hold it for a single long period. Short, consecutive periods of holding the crown will assist you in becoming successful.

VRgameplay shows a player how to play King of the Crown.

Tips on grinding the cash events


Playing events in the game will be your main source of income. 

We suggest that you don't play the game alone: Tasks that you receive in general will require more work and the reward will be less, but if you are doing the tasks with other players, it will be a lot less effort for more reward. 

However, if you are playing the game in a zone with too many people who are too competitive, you will have difficulty achieving a top 3 finish, which affects your earning potential.  

The ideal zone will be one with a lot of players who are not too bothered with the active game. This will allow you to complete the objectives without too much effort.  

Don't change cars in the middle of a race because you will lose your standing. If you tie an event, you and the other person will receive the same reward. You are still able to receive some income, but you will need to get some points on the board or you will need to complete the race. 

Making Money


Here are some of the quickest and easiest ways to make money. 

Free Money

You will receive a cash reward for following M2H on various platforms. There isn't a big reward, but it is easy money if you are willing to follow, like, and subscribe.  

Consecutive Daily Logins

If you login at regular intervals, you will receive an okay bonus of $500 multiplied by the day count (i.e 4 consecutive days logged-in means you will receive $2,000), but there is a limit to the claims. 

Money Crates 

You will get a decent reward with very little effort, but this is not a mainstay. The crates are scattered around any of the maps, so try and find the boxes when you can. You will need to pick the crate up, and you will immediately receive $500 per crate.

Other players can also pick up the crates, so you will need to get there first to get the reward.  


You can earn a decent income by just riding around and performing stunts. Just remember to keep your chain stunts together and your multiplier up to receive extra income, and this could be your mainstay.  

Stunting will be required for one or maybe even more of your daily challenges, and you can receive a reward of $7,000 or more for a stunt that is between two-four minutes. The event-type challenges will also give you a reward, and you will be able to see the details of these in the stunting section. 

Completing the challenges 

This is a pretty decent source of income where you will receive $5,000 for gold-tier challenges, and you will be able to receive it around every four to five hours, but this will still not be a mainstay. 

Winning Events 

Winning events will also be your mainstay, but you will need to finish in the top 3 in an event that has enough players. This will mean that you can receive $7,000 or more.  

Gold coin 21 shows a player some tips to make money in Crash drive 3

How to Bash the Beach Ball


During the beach ball challenge. A beach ball will appear, and you will have to run into the ball to damage it.

You must try to get to the ball first, as it will appear randomly on the map. 

We suggest that you try to predict the direction the ball will be hit. 

You must then try to hit the ball as hard as you can by going as fast as you can and bumping into the ball.

You can also employ the tactic of hitting the ball at a lower speed several times consecutively.

The ball can't take any damage within a few seconds from taking a hit. 

CD2betty shows a player some tips on how to bash the beach ball.

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