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Last Updated: February 17, 2019
Chrono Trigger
  • First Released: Mar 10, 1995
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG)
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB E10+

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Chrono Cross foreshadowing

Easter Eggs

The “Dream’s Epilogue” ending, which was added for the DS, iOS, and Android versions of the game, is a nod toward the events that start out the sequel, Chrono Cross.

Recruit Magus


During the second battle against Magus, you will be given the option to say whether or not you want to fight him. If you say you do not want to fight him, he will join your party and be a party member for the rest of the game.

Unlock All Endings


There are many different endings depending on when and where you defeat Lavos. Follow the steps below to unlock each one.

The Apocalypse (Bad Ending) – Lose to Lavos in any battle (except the one at the Ocean Palace) to get a non-standard game over and see the bad ending.

Beyond Time – Defeat Lavos after reviving Chrono. There are different variations on this ending if you (1) use the winged Epoch to reach Lavos, (2) reach Lavos without using the Epoch, (3) rescue the Chancellor during the Rainbow Shell quest, (4) save Lucca’s mother from her accident in 990 AD, and (5) whether or not you spared Magus. Only (1) and (2) directly change the ending.

Reunion – Defeat Lavos without Chrono, instead of reviving him first. This ending has a variation if you obtain the Chrono Trigger and crash the Epoch before the battle.

The Dream Project – Defeat Lavos at the Ocean Palace or use the Telepod on the right in Leene Square at the start of the game. This ending lets you meet the development team in-game.

The Successor of Guardia – Use the right Telepod after you return from 600 AD, but before you visit the End of Time.

Good Night – Use the right Telepod or the bucket portal after you’ve been to the End of Time, but before you learn about the Legendary Hero in 600 AD.

The Legendary Hero – Use the right Telepod or the bucket after you’ve learned about the Legendary Hero, but before you get the Hero’s Badge from Tata.

The Unknown Past – Use the right Telepod or the bucket after you’ve gotten the Hero’s Badge, but before Ayla’s party.

People of the Times – Use the right Telepod or the bucket after you get the Gate Key back, but before Frog rejoins the party.

The Oath – Use the right Telepod or the bucket after giving Frog the repaired Masamune, but before you fight Magus in 600 AD.

Dino Age – Use the right Telepod or the bucket after fighting Magus, but before you defeat Azala and the Black Tyranno.

What the Prophet Seeks – Use the right Telepod, the bucket, or the Epoch after you fight the Black Tyranno, but before Schala enters the Ocean Palace. It is also possible to obtain this ending by fighting Lavos after the Prophet forces you out of Antiquity, but before you fight him in the Ocean Palace.

Memory Lane – Use the right Telepod or the bucket after Schala opens the door in Zeal Palace, but before you power up Marle’s pendant.

Dream’s Epilogue – Go through the Lavos encounter in the Ocean Palace, complete the Dimensional Vortex in all three time periods, talk to Gaspar, and then use the bucket to travel to Time’s Eclipse and fight the Dream Devourer. You can also do this by finishing the game once and then reloading a save within Lavos’s shell to use that gate.

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