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The LEGO Movie Videogame
  • Genre: Action-Adventure
  • Platforms: Xbox 360,PlayStation 3,PC,iPhone,Nintendo 3DS,iPad,PlayStation Vita,Wii U,PlayStation Network (Vita),Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: TT Games,TT Fusion
  • Publisher: WB Games
  • ESRB Rating: +
  • Release Date (original): February 07 2014


Quick Studs and Multiplier BonusReport

You can get studs quickly by walking or driving through the hub areas and breaking things to get as many studs as possible. When you go to a different area and return, everything will be back in place so you can repeat the process. This is especially effective if you have stud multipliers active.

If you activate all of the five stud multipliers at the same time, each stud you collect will be multiplied by 3840.

Earn "To the Invisible Jet!"Report

To earn the “To the Invisible Jet!” achievement (Xbox One)/trophy (PS4), you must find and destroy Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.

Go to the Cloud Cuckoo Land hub area in Free Play mode. Use Unikitty or another kitty to destroy the rainbow cloud bricks to your right. Use the rainbow bricks to build a launch pad, which will help you reach another cloud. Aim an attack, such as a boomerang through, at the air to your right. The jet will explode.


Cheat CodesReport

To unlock characters using the following cheat codes, to the Extras Menu, then press Start and select "enter code". Then put in the following codes:

  • Emmet (aka Lizard): UOOAQY
  • Larry the Barista: K7TDXJ
  • Mrs. Scratchen-Post: UP7HJQ
  • Abraham Lincoln – F3VG47
  • Cleopatra – P4YX22
  • Emmet (Clown) – FNHLTK
  • Emmet (Pajamas) – HJ4C21
  • Emmet (Old West) – NIHX2B
  • Gallant Guard – FXP9AN
  • Green Ninja – OSSVNI
  • Lady Liberty – A76DN7
  • Lord Vampyre – KGJ4DU
  • Panda Guy – NG73OM
  • Prospector – FHNCD1
  • Robo SWAT (Laser) – GFH2F8
  • Shakespeare – 31S3I5
  • Swamp Creature – BID12F
  • Vitruvious (Young) – BC2XJ5
  • Yeti – V4P96P

Bonus Content CodesReport

There is a police station in Bricksberg. You need to go there and find a "floating kit" that is surronded by studs.Walk up to it and enter the following codes for the effect stated:

  • Enter either HVLLRX6R or 6LKMNDHR to unlock the Backtron Fan (building set) as well as the Musical Pants.
  • Enter either 6LK78NN9 or HVLH63VL to unlock Angry Kitty and Construction Pants (Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech).
  • Enter either 6LK3FRL6 or HVL4TQT4 to unlock Johnny Thunder and Super Secret Pants (Super Secret Police Dropship).
  • Enter either 6LK3RRY4 or HVL4TB94 to unlock Robo Pilot and Astro Pants (Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!).


Purchase Characters Using StudsReport

Pay the amount of studs shown below to unlock and purchase the relevant character...

  • Astro Kitty: 200,000 studs
  • Biznis Kitty: 150,000 studs
  • Bruce Wayne: 50,000 studs
  • Calamity Drone: 500,000 studs
  • Calimity Drone: 500,000 studs
  • Cardio Carrie: 10,000 studs
  • Caveman: 100,000 studs
  • Cleopatra: 150,000 studs
  • Demolition Guy: 50,000 studs
  • Deputron: 150,000 studs
  • Dr. McScrubs: 10,000 studs
  • El Macho Wrestler: 100,000 studs
  • Emmet (Clown): 50,000 studs
  • Emmet (Lego Piece): 50,000 studs
  • Emmet (Pyjamas): 50,000 studs
  • Emmet (Shower): 50,000 studs
  • Emmet (Surgeon): 50,000 studs
  • Emmet (Trash Can): 50,000 studs
  • Emmet (Woodsman): 50,000 studs
  • Executive Ellen: 10,000 studs
  • FemBot: 150,000 studs
  • Frank the Foreman: 25,000 studs
  • Gallant Guard: 50,000 studs
  • Garbageman Grant: 10,000 studs
  • Good Cop (Scribble Face): 300,000 studs
  • Gordon Zola: 10,000 studs
  • Green Ninja: 250,000 studs
  • Hank Haystacks: 25,000 studs
  • Hot Tub Harry: 50,000 studs
  • Ice Cream Jo: 10,000 studs
  • Ice Cream Mike: 10,000 studs
  • Kabob Bob: 10,000 studs
  • Lady Liberty: 150,000 studs
  • Lord Business (Minifigure): 1,000,000 studs
  • Lord Vampyre: 100,000 studs
  • Ma Cop: 25,000 studs
  • Magician: 100,000 studs
  • MetalBeard (Minifigure): 250,000 studs
  • Michelangelo: 100,000 studs
  • Mummy: 100,000 studs
  • Native: 100,000 studs
  • Pa Cop: 25,000 studs
  • Panda Guy: 150,000 studs
  • Plumber Joe: 10,000 studs
  • President Business: 1,000,000 studs
  • Prospector: 25,000 studs
  • Robo (Construction): 75,000 studs
  • Robo (Demolition): 100,000 studs
  • Robo Cowboy: 125,000 studs
  • Robo Fed: 25,000 studs
  • Robo Skeleton: 150,000 studs
  • Robo SWAT (Armour): 125,000 studs
  • Robo SWAT (Laser): 50,000 studs
  • Robo SWAT (Rocket): 125,000 studs
  • Robo SWAT: 50,000 studs
  • Shakespear: 100,000 studs
  • Sharon Shoehorn: 10,000 studs
  • Sheriff-Not-A-Robot: 500,000 studs
  • Sir Stack-a-Brick: 50,000 studs
  • Taco Tuesday Guy: 10,000 studs
  • Test Dummy: 100,000 studs
  • Tomahawk: 150,000 studs
  • Velma Staplebot: 50,000 studs
  • Vitruvius (Ghost): 750,000 studs
  • Where Are My Pant? Guy: 10,000 studs
  • Wildstyle (Space): 75,000 studs
  • Wiley Fusebot: 125,000 studs
  • Witch: 150,000 studs
  • Wyldstyle (Hood): 50,000 studs
  • Yeti: 100,000 studs

Bonus Room UnlockableReport

When you finish the game, you will unlock access to the Bonus Room. In the Bonus Room, follow all of the objectives to get the final 10 gold bricks. For one brick, you will need to get a million studs in the Bonus Room, without using multipliers to help.

Easter eggs

Indiana Jones Easter EggReport

In Level 4: Flatbush Rooftops, you will cross a bridge to a roof that contains a door blocked by rainbow bricks. If you use Unikitty to get inside, you will see Indiana Jones’s hat, gun, and whip on a table.


On the EdgeReport

When you first get to Cloud Coco Land, get on the edge as Uni Kitty and then leap off at a nearby destroyable object.

Far Out GlitchReport

  • Level: Flatbush Rooftops
  • Mode: Free Play
  1. After you finish the second time the ladders come up, when the Master Builder spot comes up, switch to a flying character.
  2. Then get onto the platform with the Master Build pieces, and fly right.
Far Out Glitch - Picture 1


There are 70 Gold Bricks for you to unlock or find in the game. You can get them in a variety of ways. 15 Gold Bricks are given to you when you play through Story Mode, as you earn 1 for each level you complete. 15 - read this guide in full here...

There are 20 Red Bricks in the game. Once you find them, you must purchase them with studs. Follow the instructions below to get them all. You should consider going after the stud multiplier Red Bricks first, as that will make it easier - read this guide in full here...

There are 5 Golden Manuals in each level. Follow the instructions below to find them all. Bricksburg Construction Golden Manual #1 – Enter the level in Free Play and head to the right until you spot it - read this guide in full here...

There are 15 pairs of Pants, one hidden in each level. Bricksburg Construction – Go to the construction yard and compete in the dance-off. If you earn three “Awesome” hits, you’ll get the pants. Escape From - read this guide in full here...