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Mario Kart 8
  • Genre: Driving/Racing
  • Platforms: Wii U
  • Developer: Nintendo EAD
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • ESRB Rating: E
  • Release Date (original): TBA


Get Boost

To get a boost at the start of the race, press and hold the accelerator button when you hear the second beep in the countdown.

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Small Boost

Move the analog stick or D-pad left/right as you turn to drift and build up a small boost.

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Collect Coins

Coins increase your speed, so collect as many as you can. You will drop some if you are hit, and if you hit other players with items, they will drop coins you can collect.

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Defensive Hints

When you have a single shell or banana, you can hold ZL to keep it behind your kart as a defense, although they won’t shield you from strikes to the side. You can also evade attacks by taking sharp turns, jumping, and putting other players or characters in between you and the pursuing item.

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Using Shells

If you get three shells, don’t throw them all at the same racer. If you hit the racer with your first shell, try to get ahead of them so you can use your next shell on someone else.

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Directional Items

Some items lock on to players ahead of you, but they won’t lock on to players behind you if you shoot them behind.

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Track Boosts and Shortcuts

Even when tracks have boosts along the outer edge, it’s often quicker to hug the interior of the curve. Many tracks also have shortcuts you can take.

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Unfortunately there are no cheats for Mario Kart 8 in our database just yet.


Mirror Mode

Earn a gold trophy for each of the 8 Grand Prix cups to unlock Mirror Mode, which reverses everything on the track.

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Ending Credits and Title Screens

Earn gold in every Grand Prix cup at 150cc and Mirror Mode to unlock a different ending credits screen and song, as well as different single player and multiplayer title screens.

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Unlockable Characters

As you complete various cups in the Grand Prix, you will unlock random new characters. Once you unlock a new character on a cup at a particular level (for example, the Mushroom Cup at 50cc), you won’t be able to unlock another character by playing the same cup at the same level. There are 14 unlockable characters.

  1. Rosalina
  2. Metal Mario
  3. Lakitu
  4. Toadette
  5. Baby Rosalina
  6. Pink Gold Peach
  7. Iggy
  8. Roy
  9. Lemmy
  10. Larry
  11. Wendy
  12. Ludwig
  13. Morton
  14. Mii
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Easter eggs

Unfortunately there are no easter eggs for Mario Kart 8 in our database just yet.


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In addition to giving you accumulative speed boosts, the coins you collect during races also unlock new vehicles and parts when you reach certain totals, although the order in which you unlock them is random. Cushion Wheels - read this guide in full here...