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1001 Spikes
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Platforms: Mac,Leapster,PC,Nintendo 3DS eShop,Wii U,PlayStation Network (Vita),Xbox One,PlayStation 4,Linux
  • Developer: 8bits Fanatics
  • Publisher: Nicalis, Inc.
  • ESRB Rating: TBA
  • Release Date (original): June 03 2014


Key of Serpentis

The Key of Serpentis is in Level 2-1: “Rush Into the Ruin” in Ukampa. To the right of the temple’s exit, you’ll see a block with a key on it. If you have all the gold skulls, you’ll be able to remove the block and enter a new area, where you’ll find the Key of Serpentis near the center.

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"True" Ending

To get the “True” ending, you must have the Key of Serpentis. Take it to level 10-7: “Jokulkyrkja” in Antarctica. There is a platform there with a serpent symbol on it. Jump onto the platform to enter a boss battle. To defeat the boss, you must hit the crystals on the ceiling with knives, which will break apart the dragon platform.

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New modes, characters, and more can be unlocked by completing various tasks.

  • Character color change option – You must get four gold skulls.
  • Tower of Nana Co-op Mode – You must get six gold skulls.
  • Commander Video – You must get eight gold skulls.
  • Lost Levels Mode – You must get ten gold skulls.
  • Counseil’s Duty Free Shop – You must get 12 gold skulls.
  • Sugimoto – You must get 16 gold skulls.
  • Juni – You must get 18 gold skulls.
  • President Thompson – You must get 20 gold skulls.
  • Zombie – You must get 23 gold skulls.
  • El Testigo – You must get 26 gold skulls.
  • Curly Brace – You must get 30 gold skulls.
  • Antarctica Temple – You must finish every Ukampa Ruins level.
  • Antarctica Temple (access for all characters) – You must watch the “True” ending.
  • Tina Hawkins – You must finish Ukampa Ruins.
  • Jim Hawkins – You must watch the “True” ending.
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Easter eggs


In the scene after you finish World 1, Aban mentions the “Poko-mum” temple and uses the phrase “Pocket Monster,” the Japanese name for Pokemon.

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