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War Thunder
  • Genre: Action,MMORPG,Flight Simulator
  • Platforms: Mac,PC,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
  • Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment
  • ESRB Rating: TBA
  • Release Date (original): June 30 2013


Hints and Tips

  • An easy way to build up Research Points (RP) and Silver Lions (SL) is to ignore the aerial targets in favor of destroying lots of ground targets first, such as pillboxes, howitzers, AAA sites, and armored cars. Additionally, early missions will feature weaker “Light Vehicles” that you can easily take down. You will earn a lot of RP and SL this way.
  • A great strategy for taking down enemies is to dive into your attack. First, make sure you are at a high enough altitude to gain a lot of speed. Then, dive toward your chosen target and destroy it. Fly back up into the air to your previous altitude. You should be fast enough that you can avoid counterattacks and prepare to repeat the maneuver.
  • Begin with British and Russian planes. Their lower-tier planes are significantly more powerful than other countries’ planes at the equivalent tiers. The British Spitfire plane is especially good. A skilled player can use it to defeat higher-tier planes, as well.
  • Use your plane’s flaps. Combat flaps and Landing flaps will slow you down but help you turn, which can give you a great advantage. Raised flaps increase your speed at the cost of making your turns not as tight. Raise your flaps if you need to go faster or higher, but switch to Combat/Landing flaps in a fight.
  • Protect your teammates, both aerial allies and ground forces. This will earn you special accomplishments, which reward you with bonus RP and SL. Even if you lose, you can earn a lot this way.
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