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Super Motherload
  • Genre: Role-Playing,Puzzle,Action-Adventure
  • Platforms: Mac,PlayStation Network (PS3),PC,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: XGen Studios, Inc.
  • Publisher: XGen Studios, Inc.
  • ESRB Rating: +
  • Release Date (original): November 15 2013


Miscellaneous Hints and Tips

  • Although it requires more bombs, digging straight down is often useful. You will be able to move quickly and avoid obstacles.
  • You should normally avoid lava, but if you are low on bombs, consider risking the lava to make it to the reward.
  • Save fuel by not using your engine when you’re on your way down. You can save even more fuel by standing still while you think about puzzles. Upgrade your fuel tank as soon as you can.
  • Take your time and think through puzzles carefully.
  • When using bombs make sure you know their blast areas: C4 destroys an area that measures 5x5, TNT destroys an area that measures 3x3, and a Shaft Bomb destroys an area that measures 1x9.
  • Swipe the touch screen on the controller to detonate bombs. A swipe up detonates C4, a swipe left detonates TNT, a swipe down detonates Shaft Bombs, a swipe right detonates T-bombs, and tapping the screen detonates Electron Bombs.
  • When you destroy a steel plate with an Electron Bomb, dangerous fragments will remain behind. Use an additional explosive to get rid of them.
  • Play multiple games with a single character to earn more money.
  • To collect all of the Specials from shops, you will need to play multiple games.
  • There is a secret shop with a bigger variety of items.
  • Every unlockable character has a unique ability.
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Picture Title Description Type
Move Along -- Nothing to see here
Reach Outpost Alpha.
Something Amiss Amidst the Abyss
Reach Outpost Beta.
Alien Hand Syndrome
Reach Outpost Delta.
Super Motherload
Get a 50 mineral chain.
Destroyer of Worlds
Destroy Mars and Earth simultaneously by your cowardly inaction.
Alchemical Pioneer
Use the Smelter to create an Aether Stone.
Bloodied Hands
Exterminate an entire planet.
Cheat Death
Complete the game in Hardcore mode.
Efficiency Expert
Complete the game in under an hour.