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  • Genre: Platformer,Action-Adventure
  • Platforms: Xbox 360,PlayStation 3,PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Double Helix Games,Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • ESRB Rating: +
  • Release Date (original): February 18 2014


Hints and Tips

  • The game will alert you when you are about to enter the final part of the game, after which you can’t return. Make sure you are done with exploration and collecting items/upgrades before you continue on.
  • During boss fights, inflict as much damage as you can as quickly as possible. Mash the attack button when you have an opportunity, even if you take damage in the process.
  • Use the directional commands to aim your attacks. You can hit an enemy above you, out of range of your jump, if you attack upwards at the height of your jump.
  • Whenever possible, have a charge attack ready to unleash.
  • Enemy attacks will force you to drop down from the wall or ceiling you are climbing on, but you can otherwise move smoothly from one to the other.
  • If you reach a dead end or an empty area, use your slide kick and climbing abilities to see if there are any secrets hidden behind a wall or at the ceiling.
  • Many opponents’ guns light up when they are about to shoot. If you see that happen, be prepared to dodge the attack.
  • Use your slide kick to slide through groups of enemies. This is an excellent way to escape if you have been trapped.
  • Grab health containers as you see them, especially if you are proceeding quickly through an area, to make sure your health is always full.
  • You can hover for a second with the catapult ability. This is a good way to dodge ground-based attacks.
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Easter eggs

Resident Evil Shout Out

The achievement/trophy title “Master of Unlocking” is a shout-out to a famous line from the original Resident Evil game.

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