Cheats.co (http://www.cheats.co - yes, not .com, but .co!) is the only website you need for the latest and greatest cheats, codes, hints and guides for all your Xbox One (X1), Playstation (PS4) and Wii U games.

Cheats.co aim is to to help you dominate in the games you play and most importantly have as much fun as possible.

Cheats are most often inserted by the developers into a game they create and then leaked to the media once the game has been released. Either that or a group of select, dedicated gamers (ahem) work the cheats out for themselves...

The cheats are then often activated by entering a code into a special "cheat code" area of the game menu, or by pressing a specific button combination.

We don't only cover cheats and codes however, you'll find many guides and other basic hints and tips that are designed to simply help you through the game (and not otherwise "cheat"). Like what's the best method for defeating a boss, for example.

We like to think of cheats as providing additional fun, longevity and gameplay to a game. For this reason Cheats.co only endorses the use of "legitimate" cheats. By this, we mean we do not endorse cheats that relate to hacking multiplayer portions of a game to give a human player an unfair advantage over another human player. That said, when you are playing against the system, have at it!

Given that neither the PS4 or Xbox One have launched yet (the Wii U has of course), we are lacking in actual cheats for those two consoles at the moment. However this will be resolved during the period up to and on the launch of the PS4 on November 15 and the Xbox One on November 22.

That said, we don't want you to go away empty-handed. So in the meantime check out the site blog, which has heaps of Xbox One and PS4 information and news (including all the details you need to know about all the games announced for both the consoles so far). We also made the list below - reasons why you should use cheats when playing games:

  1. You can beat your friends and clock the game faster/easier/with more points/lives/kills/stats/etc.
  2. Cheating gives you access to game content more quickly.
  3. If you don't cheat, somebody else will.
  4. If you're crap at the game, you can cheat instead of smashing the disc into one thousand pieces in frustration.
  5. Cheating is, in most cases, sanctioned by the game developers. They put the codes in there so you can use them (think Rockstar and GTA, or Volition and Saint's Row).
  6. Cheating lets you kill all those in-game enemies that have tried to hamper your progress, with the press of a button.
  7. Cheats are cool.
  8. Cheats give you weapons and ammo. Who doesn't want more weapons and ammo?
  9. Cheating extends the life of a game, particularly after you've clocked it.
  10. Cheats are fun!