Yes, “New Titanfall Experiences” Are Planned


During EA’s earnings call yesterday, the company revealed several pieces of information about games currently under development. What we missed, however, was their other announcement: that EA and Respawn have made a new Titanfall deal.

Now, no one actually said they’re working on a sequel to Titanfall. In fact, Respawn’s Vince Zampella confirmed the announcement with the exact same wording used by EA, that “new Titanfall experiences” are coming.

The specific wording makes us wary of announcing this as Titanfall 2 confirmation, but we’d consider this to be a pretty strong indication of such a game, especially since we were expecting one anyway after the success of Titanfall. Whatever it is, it’s momentous enough to warrant a new deal, after all. Is it a new game? Will it be an Xbox One exclusive? Will it appear on the PS4? If this is a game already under development, is it one of the titles EA plans to announce at E3? Let the rumors and speculation commence!

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