Unboxing Video of Titanfall Collector’s Edition


Are you excited for Titanfall? A lot of people definitely are, and those fans who preordered the Collector’s Edition are going to be even more excited when we show them this video.

Respawn released an official unboxing video to show off the Collector’s Edition. Along with the game, it contains an artbook, a letter of authenticity, a schematic of a Titan, and a 19-inch Titan statue, all packed within a truly massive box.

Check it out and tell us what you think.

Titanfall is coming out for the Xbox One and PC on March 11 (North America), 13 (Europe), and 14 (UK), and then for the Xbox 360 on March 25 (North America) and 28 (UK and Europe). The Collector’s Edition costs $250, which is a pretty hefty price tag, but we have to admit, it looks awesome.

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