Limited Time Codes for NBA 2K14


New dunk packages have been made available for the very well-received next-gen basketball game NBA 2K14 and they’re available for a limited time only – so get in quick!

From now until January 25, players can enter a code to receive an exclusive package – Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players will unlock the “Verticality” package, while Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will unlock the “Airbound” package.

  • The Xbox 360/PS3 code is: N14PS-FCJ2P-P56FA-GJN7T-MVK7X
  • The Xbox One/PS4 code is: N14PS-D4GHV-E3R7I-VI4IJ-JKZMH

Players must include the dashes for the code to work. The game will show a confirmation screen once the code is entered. Once downloaded, the packages can be accessed under “Edit Player” in the game. Enjoy!

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