The Elder Scrolls Online to cost $14.99 each month


If you plan on getting The Elder Scrolls Online then we hope you’ve been saving. Aside from the up-front cost of the game which is $59.99 for each platform, there’ll also be an ongoing monthly subscription fee of $14.99 per month. Pretty pricey…

ESO will drop for gamers on Windows PC and Apple Mac on April 4 this year, while us console users will need to wait until June some time (an exact date is not yet known). There is also an ongoing beta to which a fresh batch of invites were just recently sent out. If you haven’t received one yet though don’t stress, Bethesda has said that more emails confirming access to the beta will be sent out as we progress through the year.

With that price we sincerely hope that visiting Tamriel is going to be worth it.

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